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Another semester in the ! #finalsweek #is #over
#AllCulturesWelcomeWednesdays ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Name: Jeffrey Steven Diez. * How you got your name: I got my name because my mother thought Jeffrey sounded good at the time. Lol. * * The place you were born: Piscataway, New Jersey. * The place you call home: New Jersey * You were raised by: I was raised by three amazing women, my mother, my grandmother and my Aunt Hazel. * The biggest influence on your belief system is: My grandmother Teresa. * Favorite artist, musician or author:s: Loyal. Honest. Blunt. Forgiving. Intelligent. Outgoing. TrioTrio. * Favorite artist, musician or author: Sia. * One thing you wish people knew about you: Even though I have an aggressive personality, I’m still a caring person. * Your favorite holiday, and why: Christmas because I get to see all my Hispanic and Italian family. * One thing you are most proud of from your culture: I’m most proud of my culture because of my language. * One thing you would change about your culture: Nothing. * One way your culture influences TU: Making the language Spanish known, and very important to learn for job purposes. * The reason I chose TU was: It’s one of the most known in the nation for CJ. * ( @anjaproudfoto) #tiffinu #tiffinuniversity #CCUatTU #AllCulturesWelcome #photography #DiversityProject