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Canadian angle of Niagara #throughdragoneyes! * * ( : @roohanidogra )
#AllCulturesWelcomeWednesdays * Name: Coy Justin Blair * How you got your name: My middle brother said "I don't care what you call him I'm calling him Coy" * The place you were born: Lancaster Ohio * The place you call home: Logan Ohio * You were raised by: My parents Larry and Lanette * * The biggest influence on your belief system is: My family * * Describe your best friend in 7 words: He would go to battle for me * Favorite artist, musician or author: Jeff Lindsey * One thing you wish people knew about you: I wish people knew that I'd help in any way I can if you needed it * Your favorite holiday, and why: Fourth of July because you're with everyone you want to be with and gifts aren't exchanged in terrible at picking gifts out. * One thing you are most proud of from your culture: I'm proud of how everyone m owns one another and will drop anything to help their neighbor * * One thing you would change about your culture: I would change the idea that everyone needs to live so close to their families and stay in the same area * * One way your culture influences TU: I think my culture provides TU with kind spirited people who just want to feel accepted and help in any way possible * * The reason I chose TU was: I chose TU because I knew I could have the best experience possible here. ( @anjaproudfoto) #tiffinu #tiffinuniversity #CCUatTU #ccu #AllCulturesWelcome #tiffinu #photography
4️⃣0️⃣ Days until #welcomeweekend2017 * * Name: Deidre Herdlick Title: Director of Human Resources Hometown: Tiffin, Ohio Advice: Get involved! There is always something to do on campus! This is the best way to meet people and start living the Dragon Life!