Fix-It Fridays

Fix-It Fridays are an opportunity for students to bring their laptop or desktop to the ITS Help Desk and have our technicians assist with software and internet connectivity related issues. It is also an opportunity for students who are not comfortable enough with their own computer skills to have our technicians assist with installing software such as Microsoft Office, Antivirus programs, or software updates.

In an effort to keep the Tiffin University network clean, if a students computer has become infected by spyware, malware, or a virus, Fix-It Fridays offer students chance to have their computer thoroughly "cleaned".

Fix-It Fridays are ONLY for the following:

  • getting a laptop or desktop connected to the TU internet or Wi-Fi
  • troubleshooting software issues
  • computer "cleaning", removing spyware, malware, or virues

The following rules apply:

  • The user should perform a backup of their data stored on the hard drive of their device before the device is brought to ITS for repairs. ITS accepts NO Responsibility for lost or damaged data.
  • Operating systems, hardware such as hard drives, CD-ROMs, replacement laptop screens, modems, and any other peripherals will not be configured/installed/or repaired by ITS. ONLY software related issues will be addressed.
  • The device must be brought to the ITS office located on the second floor of Hertzer Technology Center.
  • When dropping off your computer please only bring: 1) desktop tower or 2) laptop with the power adapter
  • We do not need external keyboard, external mouse, speakers, desktop power cord, desktop monitor, or laptop case/bag.