ITS Online Services

Webmail: All Tiffin University members can login to their email account by clicking the link below.

If you have trouble logging in to your email account, please contact the Help Desk at (855) 664-1200.

For helpful tips with Tiffin University's Google Apps services, visit the following link

Web Based Drives: Faculty/Staff and Students can access their Tiffin University network storage drives by clicking the link below.

NOTE: Effective 8/14/2013 student personal network drives (I: drive) are read-only. When you login to Web Based Drives / NetStorage, make sure you type in your username.EMP.tiffin (if an employee) or username.STU.tiffin (if a student). For example, if you had a username of SmithJ, your entire login would be SmithJ.emp.tiffin or SmithJ.stu.tiffin

**Attention Faculty/Staff: At this time, faculty and staff will only be able to access the Public N: network drive when off-campus due to system upgrades. We are currently working on a replacement system that is not yet available for off-campus use.

NetStorage v.6.5

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