The Tiffin University Mission: YOU & TU


The basic rationale manifested by the existence of Tiffin University is that of the American dream.  Tiffin is a place where the work ethic of the American heartland is evident and where there is truly value added for students, many of whom are among the first generation in their families to attend college.  Tiffin provides access and opportunity for individuals and facilitates their preparation for successful careers and for productive and satisfying lives.

Tiffin University represents a new kind of institution, the professional university, where the career objectives of traditional college-age students and adult students are optimized through professionally-focused undergraduate and graduate programs that have a broad general education foundation.  This fundamental institutional strategy appropriately positions Tiffin for the 21st century.


The mission of Tiffin University is to:

  • offer quality, professionally focused, learning-centered undergraduate and graduate degree programs and life-long learning opportunities to prepare traditional college-age students and adult students for successful careers and for productive and satisfying lives of excellence, leadership and service.
  • work with employers and specific professions to anticipate, design, and deliver effective academic programs that reflect evolving professional needs and intellectual requirements of the future.


  1. Tiffin University will offer degree programs and continuing education activities for people who aspire to work in or are currently working in specific professions.

  2. Tiffin University will serve as the long-term educational steward for and partner of employers and specific professions by working with them to identify target professional populations and to meet their educational needs.
  1. Tiffin University will operate as a seamless institution that delivers its programs and services
    • on the Tiffin campus, which serves as the residential campus for traditional college-age undergraduates, a site for graduate degree offerings, and the headquarters for the entire TU educational network;
    • online;
    • through a strong market presence in the regional urban locations where undergraduate degree programs, graduate programs, and professional development programs are offered at TU academic centers and at facilities of other organizations; and
    • through other means that may be available in the future.
  1. Tiffin University will enhance educational access and opportunity for individuals by providing a student-centered culture that emphasizes
    • friendly, caring, service-oriented support systems which help students achieve their educational goals; and
    • innovative educational delivery modes that respond to the needs of students, families, and employers for quality programs that are affordable and convenient.
  1. Tiffin University will assure academic quality and integrity and will establish and maintain an integrated academic program development and delivery system across all locations and learning modalities by
    • operating as one university with one faculty and a single locus of control for academic program planning and management;
    • developing common curricula that can be effective across the teaching/learning continuum; and
    • continually assessing student learning outcomes and making any changes that may be needed.
  1. Tiffin University will assure that all bachelorís degree programs include a broad general education foundation that helps each student:
    • acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective life-long learner and citizen in a rapidly changing and diverse world;
    • develop a personal value system and ethical framework that embraces the importance of service to society;
    • enhance critical and integrative thinking abilities and communication and other cognitive skills required for creative intellectual work and problem solving; and
    • understand the contemporary world and its historical context.
  1. Tiffin University will increase its capital, scale, and leverage by developing partnerships and alliances with other organizations, such as community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, businesses, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, professional associations, proprietary schools, courseware companies, and the military services.
  1. Tiffin University will participate in cooperative relationships and partnerships with organizations and agencies in Seneca County and the City of Tiffin in order to enhance environmental resources and open spaces, increase the quality of life and standard of living for residents of the community, improve the attractiveness of the neighborhoods near the Tiffin campus, and provide service learning opportunities and educational programs for students and area residents.
  1. Tiffin University will acquire revenues from fund-raising, student tuition, and other sources to achieve and sustain the financial base needed to effectively accomplish its mission.
  1. Tiffin University will align facilities, staffing, technology, and financial resources with its articulated strategy in order to effectively accomplish its mission and will apply risk assessment and prudent cost discipline to assure that all University activities are effective and efficient.
  1. Tiffin University will provide a variety of services, programs, and activities to assist undergraduates at the Tiffin campus in their development of interpersonal skills, leadership and teamwork abilities, leisure interests, and healthy lifestyle habits.
  1. Tiffin University will produce, deliver, purchase, and sell academic programs and curricula and will include the development and marketing of intellectual property as part of a comprehensive capital plan.