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NSSE11 Benchmark Comparisons Report
NSSE11 Mean and Frequency
NSSE11 Multi-Year Benchmark Report
NSSE11 Respondent Characteristics
NSSE11 The Student Experience in Brief

NSSE 2009

NSSE09 Benchmark Comparisons Report  NSSE09_Benchmark_Comparisons_Report_Tiffin_University_.xls

NSSE09 Mean and Frequency ReportsNSSE09_Mean_and_Frequency_Reports_Tiffin_University_.xls

NSSE09 Multi-Year Benchmartk Report NSSE09_Multi-Year_Benchmark_Report_Tiffin_University_.xls

NSSE09 Respondent Characteristics  NSSE09_Respondent_Characteristics_Tiffin_University_.xls

NSSE09 The Student Experience in Brief  The_Student_Experience_In_Brief_Tiffin_University_.pdf


NSSE 2007 


NSSE07 Benchmark Comparisons Report (Tiffin University) 

NSSE07 Mean and Frequency Reports (Tiffin University) 

NSSE07 Pocket Guide Report (Tiffin University) (PDF)

NSSE07 Pocket Guide Report(Tiffin University) (WORD) 

NSSE07 Respondent Characteristics (Tiffin University) 

NSSE07 Selected Peer Groups (Tiffin University) ) 


NSSE 2005 

2005 README File

DEEP Practice Brief What Campus Leaders Can Do

FAQ NSSE Psychometric Properties

FSSE Overview

NSSE 2005 Academic Motivation Experimental Items Codebook

NSSE 2005 Codebook

NSSE 2005 FY Experimental Items Codebook

NSSE 2005 SR Experimental Items Codebook

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NSSE Overview

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Tiffin University Means and Frequencies Report 2005 

Tiffin University Respondent Characteristics 2005 

Tiffin University Selected Peer Group 2005 

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