NSSE Results

The recently released results from the NSSE demonstrate that Tiffin University excels in the categories of Academic Challenge, Student-Faculty Interaction, and Enriching Educational Experiences.  The NSSE is the recognized benchmark for assessing the extent to which colleges and universities effectively engage students in their education.  The promise of Tiffin University is as follows:

"Tiffin University provides a personal and practical education for motivated students who want real-world experiences and results."

Supportive Campus Environment:

Students perform better and are more satisfied at colleges that are committed to their success and cultivate positive working and social relations among different groups on campus. Supportive campus environments provide academic support, as well as support for social and non-academic responsibilities.

Active and Collaborative Learning:

Students learn more when they are intensely involved in their education and asked to think about what they are learning in different settings. Collaborating with others in solving problems or mastering difficult material prepares students for the messy, unscripted problems they will encounter daily during and after college.

Enriching Educational Experiences:

Complementary learning opportunities enhance academic programs. Diversity experiences teach students valuable things about themselves and others. Technology facilitates collaboration between peers and instructors  Internships, community service, and senior capstone courses provide opportunities to integrate and apply knowledge.

Level of Academic Challenge:

Challenging intellectual and creative work is central to student learning and collegiate quality. Colleges and universities promote high levels of student achievement by emphasizing the importance of academic effort and setting high expectations for student performance.

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