Tiffin University Outcomes Assessment Committee

In fall of 2015 the full faculty voted by majority to create a standing committee called the Outcomes Assessment Committee.  This committee is chaired by the Dean of Outcomes Assessment and is comprised of representatives from each academic school (School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, and School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences). The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will sit as an ex-officio member.

The Tiffin University OA Committee is charged with developing a campus "Culture of Evidence" in which data and assessment play a key role in academic decision making. The membership of the OA Committee contains representatives from four units (Academic Affairs, The School of Criminal Justice, The School of Business, and the School of Arts and Sciences) of the University. As of 2016-17, the OA Committee meets on an as needed basis to troubleshoot issues related to assessment completion and "closing the assessment loop," as well as field any issues related to the assessment of general education. The day-to-day work of assessment is handled mostly by the Dean of Outcomes Assessment along with the chairs and assistant deans for each school.  It further works to ensure that assessment practices are centrally coordinated, but highly flexible to meet the interests of the academic programs, departments, and schools. The OA Committee is also consulted by the Dean of Outcomes Assessment to ensure that all mandates and practices are consistent with the unique culture of TU, as well as the organizing of any sub-committees, as appropriate.

2016-17 Members:

  1. Dr. Daniel Weinstein, Dean of Outcomes Assessment
  2. Dr. Teresa Shafer, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
  3. Dr. Jeffry Stockner, Department Chair, Criminal Justice and Security Studies
  4. Professor Sami Mejri, Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies
  5. Dr. Maria De Oliveria, Assistant Professor of Biology
  6. Professor Laura Ketter, Associate Professor of Computer Information Technology and Management
  7. Professor Teresa Miller, Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Business Administration
  8. Dr. Erin Dean, Associate Professor of Counseling and Psychology
  9. Dr. Peter Holbrook, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (ex-officio)