Tiffin University Outcomes Assessment Advisory Council (OAAC)

This committee is chaired by the Dean of Assessment and Accreditation and is comprised of a faculty member from each academic school (School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, and School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences) as well as a representative from the non-academic units consisting of: Athletic Division, Eastern Europe Division, and Student Affairs Division and Faculty representatives for the General Education Core.

Director of Outcomes Assessment - Chair

Ms. Jeanie Fisher Outcomes Assessment Administrative Assistant


Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates - Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. James Padilla - Dean, School of Business

Dr. Jaimie Orr - Dean, School of Criminal Justice & Social Science

Professor Kimberlyn Brooks - Dean, Associate's Degree Programs

Ms. Mandi Hummel - Director of Residence Life

Mr. Shane O'Donnell - Athletics Division

GEC Faculty Members:

Professor Rebecca Fox

Dr. Sushmita Ghosh

Professor Susan Treece

Dr. Colleen Vallo

Dr. Phyllis Watts