General Education Curriculum Assessment

The purpose of assessment of general education is to evaluate student achievement of institutionally recognized competencies in general education including communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills. TU students typically take general education courses throughout their undergraduate career. For this reason, general education assessment focuses on student attainment of general education competencies throughout the undergraduate curriculum and not simply at a mid-point.

The university faculty appoints a sub-committee to focus on general education assessment. The Faculty Curriculum Committee consists of five faculty members from a variety of disciplines serving each academic school.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Assessment and Accreditation serve the committee as ex officio members. The group is charged with developing and implementing a plan for assessing general education. The group has adopted a holistic approach to assessing general education, and the group's philosophy is that effectiveness of the general education program should be demonstrable across the curriculum and not only in general education courses. Assessment methods, therefore, focus on general education courses and courses in the major.

The following are the primary student learning goals for general education. General education courses must identify one or more of these as goals in the course:

  • Students will be able to write and speak with clarity and precision
  • Students will be able to read and listen with comprehension and with a critical spirit
  • Students will build a sense of the social and ethical dimensions of all human knowledge and activity
  • Students will acquire skills in both verbal and quantitative arenas given the complexity of modern information technologies and the necessity of logical thinking and critical analysis.
  • Students will experience how a variety of academic disciplines approach learning and the development of knowledge

Assessment plans for the GEC are the responsibility of the Faculty Curriculum Committee with the guidance of the Dean of Assessment and Accreditation.