Samples from TU Programs

Student Outcomes for English:

  • Students will demonstrate familiarity with and knowledge of the literary canon.
  • Students will understand and apply critical theory.
  • Students will demonstrate acceptable composition skills.
  • Students will demonstrate acceptable grammar skills.
  • Students will create and research an original project.

Student Outcomes for Sports Management:

  • Graduates will meet the strategic objectives and directions of the Tiffin University School of Business by demonstrating foundational managerial knowledge in the context of sport.
  • Graduates will demonstrate competency in effectively resolving unstructured problems and critically analyzing cases in the context of sport and recreation management.
  • Graduates will demonstrate comprehension of requirements for planning, designing, and operating sport facilities.
  • Graduates will demonstrate a broadened knowledge of career opportunities and qualifications for employment in the sport and recreation field. 
  • Graduates will demonstrate application of enhanced oral and written presentation skills integrating technology for instructional purposes.


  • Graduates will successfully integrate theoretical information in practical situations associated with segments of the sport & recreation industry.


Student Outcomes for Justice Administration Fast Track:

  • Adult learners will demonstrate the ability to collect and interpret data for intelligence and crime analysis.
  • Adult learners will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, orally and written. 
  • Adult students will demonstrate a detailed understanding of the relationships between society, justice systems, and crime/terrorism. 
  • Adult learners will understand and appreciate historical influences on crime and terrorism.
  • Adult learners will demonstrate the ability to analyze a contemporary problem and develop an effective solution.
  • Adult learners will demonstrate an appreciation for individual and group differences in contemporary society.