TUs Academic Advising: YOU & TU

Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the academic advising program at Tiffin University is to provide student-centered, developmental advising to prepare traditional college age students and adult learners for successful careers and for productive and satisfying lives of excellence, leadership and service.

Academic Advising should be:

  • An integral part of the educational and academic process.
  • A resource to provide students with a framework for planning educational and career goals.
  • A link to campus resources, services, and information about academic regulations and policies.
  • Accurate, consistent, timely and accessible.
  • A shared responsibility between the university and its students.
  • Developmental helping students learn how to help themselves.

For more information about Academic Advising contact Judy Gardner, Director of Academic Advising (419-448-3420 or jgardner@tiffin.edu) or Joyce Mathern, Academic Support Specialist (419-448-3304 or mathernj@tiffin.edu).