Arts Administration

Have you ever pictured yourself managing a dynamic music or visual arts organization?  Majoring in Arts Administration at Tiffin University can provide you with real opportunities in arts management.  For example, you could be in charge of a community or regional performance hall, or a professional musical ensemble or entertainment company.  You might be managing an advertising agency, a recording studio, or a related music business.  You could just as easily find yourself in management for an art museum, art gallery, or art co-op, either in the public and private sector.  The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination, and as boundless as your motivation to succeed.


The interdisciplinary nature of this major incorporates areas of study from the Arts, Communication, and Business.  Our students in this major are interested in the fine arts and/or art history, visual communication, music and arts management.  We also enroll students who have interdisciplinary interests.

As a student in Arts Administration, you will complete the courses in the Management Core and undertake an in-depth study in an area of one of two concentrations. 

You can choose from:

Visual Art
Music Industry

Who Are Our Students?

The operation of The Diane Kidd Gallery offers our students hands-on experience in all aspects of gallery management: exhibition development, contract negotiation, marketing and promotion, budget development, design of related publications, and cost and program analysis.  Our students are actively preparing for real-world occupations.

TU graduates also have their own musical groups, are working for movie production sets, and hold a variety of jobs related to their majors.

Our students are highly motivated, with unique artistic and creative skills.  As an Arts Administration major, you can work towards a degree that is flexible enough to incorporate your personal creativity with sound business skills and practices. Upon graduation, you will be prepared for a successful future in the arts management.

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