Art Courses


101 Basic Drawing (3 hours)
A studio introduction to the theory and techniques of representational drawing. Emphasizes both the technical and expressive aspects of drawing. Studio.   Offered Fall
102 Design (3 hours)
This introductory course will investigate the basic mechanics of visual perception by providing the students with the knowledge and tools necessary for constructing visual statements. Focus will be on the formal properties of design including space, line, plane, mass, shape, texture, and color; and the organizational fundamentals of unity, balance, rhythm, and dominance. Emphasis will be given to the principles of planning and visual thinking needed to communicate ideas.   Offered Spring
110 Painting (3 hours)
Students will learn to paint, regardless of the style in which they choose to work.
The course will focus on the development of technical proficiency, knowledge of two-dimensional design, color interaction, and a feeling for composition. Students will contemplate their work in terms of philosophical statement and art history. Studio. Offered Fall, Spring
190, 290, 390 Special Topics (3 hours)
Topics will vary.  Prerequisite: None, unless listed in the schedule of courses.

201 Introduction to Art History (3 hours)
A survey of painting, sculpture and architecture. Consideration is given to specific period styles as well as to individual styles through aesthetic analysis of form and technique. This course will search for the norms that reveal the meaning in art that reflect social and cultural forces affecting our lives, and which express our beliefs, values, and institutions. Prerequisite: ENG142   Offered Fall
210 Art Appreciation (3 hours)
This course on foundational art history introduces students to the vocabulary of the art world, investigates methods and processes used in the creation of artistic and culturally significant objects, and the historical and aesthetic importance of art within a multi­cultural context. Prerequisite: ENG142    Offered Fall
301 History of Photography (3 hours)
The evolution of the photograph as art will be traced from its infancy to the present, including the social impact of photojournalism and how the printed image defines our world.   Students will develop an understanding of the technical and conceptual innovations of the medium and the impact photography has had on society in the past 150 years.    Prerequisite: ART201  Offered Spring even numbered years
310 American Art (3 hours)
This course addresses the material culture of what is now the continental United States.  Material culture in this context emphasizes painting, sculpture and architecture, but also explores the decorative arts and crafts, from 1500 to the present.  The course traces the development of the visual arts and the historical references associated with the arts in the United States.  Emphasis will be placed on learning to identify and interpret artists, styles and international influences. Prerequisite: ENG142  Offered Spring odd numbered years
401 Modern Art (3 hours)
A survey course that covers the major movements in art and architecture of the Western World from the late 19th and 20th centuries up to the present.  Understanding the social, political, and economic forces behind modernism will be emphasized.  Museums as economic and cultural institutions will be covered.
Prerequisite: ART201  Offered Fall odd numbered years
410 Women, Culture, and Visual Arts (3 hours)
A survey of the lives and contributions of women artists from the Renaissance to the present.  The primary objectives are to introduce issues of gender in the production of visual culture and how women’s art attempts to resist normative ideals of femininity and aesthetic hierarchies.  Emphasis will be placed on understanding the social and political forces that rejected or compartmentalized art created by women and the effect this has had on culture and perceptions of women in society.
Prerequisite: Jr. Standing or Permission  Offered as needed