Art Studio Courses Or Digitally Based Arts? TU Offers You Real Choices

Arts Administration-Visual Arts

Are you interested in formal art studio training, or is digitally based visual communication your creative outlet?  Or, are you interested in combining the two areas?  The Visual Arts Concentration provides you first with a solid background in studio and art history.  We then use a global thematic approach to help develop your personal vocabulary and interpretive skills, helping you to utilize these in contemporary applications and discover your own personal voice.

Real Resources:  The Diane Kidd Gallery

TU students also have the advantage of having a real art gallery located right on campus – The Diane Kidd Gallery.  Our students have the opportunity for a formal gallery showing before they graduate from college! Each year, a Student Show highlights the best and brightest of the artworks created by our students in this distinctive gallery setting.

Studio and art history courses will use a global thematic approach to develop the student’s vocabulary and interpretive skills with an emphasis on contemporary applications and interpretations. Visual applications will originate from either formal art studio courses or digitally based visual communication courses, or a combination of the two areas.

Visual Arts Curriculum:

Arts Administration Core Curriculum
MGT201 Management of Organizations 3
MKT151 Introductory Marketing 3
MKT364 Event Marketing and Management 3
*SAS465 Managing the Arts 3
*SAS470 Internship 3
Three of the following:
ACC201 Survey of Accounting 3
CIS255 Internet & Website Development I (w) 3
COM212 Introduction to Public Relations (w) 3
COM329 Writing for Electronic Media (w) 3
LAW211 Business Law I 3
MGT301 Organizational Behavior 3
MKT402 Marketing Research 3
SRM325 Facilities Management 3
Visual Arts Concentration Curriculum
ART201 Introduction to Art History (w) 3
 ART340 Topics in Art History (w) 3
*ART392 Advanced Studio Practice 3
*ART415 Art, Audience, and Community 3
Four of the following:
*ART120 2D Foundations 3
*ART130 3D Foundations 3
*ART325 Graphic Design 3
*ART420 Interactive Digital Design 3
*COM134 Digital Photography 3

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