TUís School Of Arts And Sciences: A Message From Your Dean

Message from the Dean

Without viable thinking and communication abilities, students in the 21st Century will not be able to engage intensively in the cultural, social and technological changes impacting all professional roles in society. The School of Arts and Sciences is the educational foundation for all academic programs at Tiffin University. Our general education courses prepare students to be critical thinkers, engage in teamwork, communicate with clarity, and understand cultural and ethical implications of human behavior. With these abilities, a person will be successful in any career choices they make.

The School of Arts and Sciences supports degree programs in Arts Administration, Communication, Education, English, General Science, History, and Professional Music. Our school also has supporting coursework with other majors at Tiffin University in the School of Business and the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences.

We have diverse, talented professors who help our students investigate many different facets of human thought that shape our culture and society. The faculty and staff of the school will assist any student to discern her or his area of interest and pursue a course of study leading to professional success. We take the time to listen and guide students to achieve their highest potential.

It is my privilege to represent the faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences. We welcome your interest in Tiffin University, whether youíre a present or prospective student.

If I can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Joyce Hall-Yates, J.D.
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Assistant Professor of Paralegal Studies
(419) 448-3049

Our Mission Statement

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) engages the Universityís intellectual community in the full richness and depth of the human experience. SAS provides a common, cohesive understanding of the foundations and directions of human thought as represented in the liberal arts and sciences and develops the skills to form and communicate ideas, beliefs, and knowledge for all Tiffin University students. SAS offers majors, grounded in the arts and sciences, that develop within each student the intellectual skills and abilities required for a successful professional career or admission to graduate school.

Need more information?

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