Associate of Arts in General Studies

The focus of the Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies is to produce graduates who will continue their education at a four-year institution. The course offerings were designed to maximize the transferability of academic credits which will be used to meet general education and elective requirements at colleges and universities throughout the country and around the world.

Tiffin University’s Accreditations

Tiffin University is authorized by the Board of Regents of the State of Ohio to award the Associate of Arts degree. The program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Tiffin University Academic Tradition

Tiffin University is in its twelfth decade of educating students for success, providing a solid foundation upon which to build your own personal success. Yet at the same time, the curriculum and educational methods at Tiffin University are undergoing a continuous process of improvement. Our curriculum is distinguished by a focus on developing competencies in leadership and teamwork, communication skills, and managerial decision-making and problem solving.

We Provide You With Personal Support

We understand that your success depends on our ability to answer your questions quickly and correctly. Virtually every survey or study designed to identify the critical success factors in online education confirm that keeping students connected is a top priority. Our students rate the personal support they received at Tiffin University as the primary reason for their success, and they would recommend Tiffin University’s online programs to a friend or coworker because of it.

Your Course Of Study

Students will fulfill their academic requirements for graduation by completing courses in the following areas.

  • Knowledge Skills of 15 credit hours
  • Humanities of 18 credit hours
  • Natural Sciences of 6 credit hours
  • Social Sciences of 12 credit hours
  • Open Electives 9 credit hours
  • Total Semester hours for the Degree 60 hours

Knowledge Skills

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
ENG141 Expository and Research Writing 3
ENG142 Introduction to Literature and Criticism 3
COM Communication 3
CIT105 Introduction or
CIT111 Intermediate Information Tech.

Finite Mathematics or

MAT181 College Algebra


Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
CUL210 Comparative Cultures or 3
CUL220 Religions of the World
ART210 Art Appreciation or 3
MUS223 Survey of Music Performance and Practice
HIS111 American Society or 6
HIS211 Western Society
ENG2xx Any English 200 level literature course 3
PHL110 Art of Reasoning or 3
PHL112 Great Philosophers

Natural Sciences 

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
MAT273 Applied Statistics I 6

Applied Calculus

NAT105 Earth Science
NAT110 Oceanography
NAT115 Environmental Science
NAT120 Survey of Health Issues

Social Sciences 

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour

Special Topics


Principles of Macroeconomics

POL101 Introduction to American Political Process

The Presidency


Introduction to Psychology

PSY263 Theories of Personality
SOC101 Principles of Sociology
SOC250 Social Psychology

Open Electives

Course Title Credit Hour
Three Courses 9