TU’s School Of Business Receives Both U.S. & European Accreditation!

Our Mission

The Mission of the Tiffin University School of Business is to prepare our students for professional, managerial, and leadership positions in both the public sector and private sector profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Emphasis is placed on development of the communication, technical, analytical, and critical thinking skills needed by successful organizations competing in a global environment.

Above all else, we instill in students a lifelong and irrepressible desire to continue to learn and grow in wisdom, knowledge, and ethical practices anchored by integrity.

As part of our mission, our faculty worked to develop what we believe to be our Guiding Principles. Inspired by President and CEO of Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, James Kennedy, I asked our faculty to consider what our guiding principles are in order to differentiate ourselves as a School of Business, as James did with his organization and our outcome is illustrated here. We live by these principles and are very proud to be part of the faculty at Tiffin University.

A Message From Your Dean:

Photo: James Padilla, JD

Thank you for visiting the Tiffin University School of Business website!

Our school has a tremendous amount of current excitement, and an established 100-plus year history behind it.

A distinctive measure of quality and innovative business curriculum is accreditation, and we are proud of the approval we hold from two reputable educational business school accreditors: the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and European Council for Business Education (ECBE). In regards to our ECBE accreditation, we are one of only two universities in the United States who hold this accreditation.  It is a testament to our adherence to delivering a global education, as well as having a physical campus overseas in Bucharest. Romania and Taipei, Taiwan.

Our exceptional department faculty are predominantly representative of terminal-degreed practitioners – meaning we have all held or hold positions in our given specialties in addition to teaching.  Within our faculty, you find executives, consultants, managers and professionals who utilize their knowledge and ongoing experience to deliver a highly interactive, student-centered business education.  We pride ourselves on bringing the “real world” to the classroom.  To get a better sense of what we specifically offer, please visit our Degree Qualification Profile (DQP) (link). In 2011, the Tiffin University School of Business was awarded a grant from Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and the Lumina Foundation in regards to developing our version of the DQP for our business programs.  We were selected as 1 of 25 small universities out of hundreds of applicants to conduct work on this progressive educational quality and accountability tool.

We constantly offer various opportunities for students to better their educational experience by hosting guest speakers and specific Business School events (See listing of Previous Events (link), creating networking occasions (both on and off campus), supporting student leadership growth and providing educational trips (regionally, nationally and abroad).  We value educating a student both in and out of the classroom, and place a high value on experiential learning.  You will find every major offered through the School of Business requires an internship as a graduation requirement.  Please visit our affiliated companies (link) page to get a sense of just a few of our business partners.

While this webpage can only provide you with a very small glimpse of what we have to offer, I encourage everyone to visit our campus and take advantage of an opportunity to sit down and talk about your dreams, passions and direction with myself, and our faculty and staff.

James Padilla, JD
Dean, School of Business
Associate Professor of Business Law and Sports Management

Meet the School of Business Faculty


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

As a BBA student at the Tiffin University main campus, you are given training to allow you to not only obtain an entry-level position, but also advance and flourish throughout your business career. You are exposed to many professional experiences through internships, consulting and classroom projects, simulations, and role playing.

BBA Majors offered through Traditional Seated Program:

(Minors are also...)

  • Accounting
  • Computer and Information Systems
    • Application Specialist
    • Software Development
    • System and Network Support
  • Finance
  • Management, with concentration in:
    • Healthcare Administration
    • Hospitality and Tourism Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business
    • Managerial Studies
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing
  • Sports and Recreation Management
    • Recreation and Fitness
    • Sports and Athletics Administration
    • Sports Marketing

BBA Major offered through Fast Track Accelerated Degree Completion Program:

Tiffin University offers this Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree in Organizational Management through a completely online program, or seated by attending class once a week at one of the following academic locations:

This innovative TU program is designed to help working adults achieve career goals though the acquisition of enhanced technology, communication and leadership skills.  Fast Track is structured to minimize the demands of traditional enrollment, which often conflicts with work and family life.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Tiffin University MBA is widely recognized by various institutions and corporations as providing students with an outstanding level of skill and knowledge that enables them to assume positions of greater responsibility and reward.  Some students choose to continue their graduate education by entering doctoral programs at other universities.

Currently Tiffin University MBA graduates are pursuing doctoral level studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio State University and the University of Toledo.

The Tiffin University MBA is offered in the seated format at the following locations:

  • Main campus in Tiffin, Ohio
  • Bucharest, Romania at the University of Bucharest, where students earn diplomas from both TU and UB.

Tiffin University's Online MBA focuses on real world management problems and situations, drawing much of its material from case studies. From the flexible learning environment to the emphasis on faculty-student communications, Tiffin University is dedicated to increase your productivity and improve your future.