Summit to Success was a Triumph

By Jessica Huffman, Student Intern

March 2012

Tiffin University’s Business Club held their first annual Summit to Success, an all-day event “preparing today’s business students for tomorrow.”

The day kicked off with a keynote presentation from Dr. Robert Hisrich, Director of the Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Hisrich is an expert and author on entrepreneurship because of his personal experience in the field. He has been involved in the founding of over a dozen companies and created academic and training programs in several countries and several top corporations.

Hisrich outlined the four aspects of being a global entrepreneur. He talked about a business’s infrastructure, an entrepreneur’s idea, the capital necessary for a business endeavor and the person behind it all, the entrepreneur himself/herself.

“Why do we do this? For the independence,” Hisrich said about the motivation to be an entrepreneur.

He pointed out that business starters have several key characteristics including; opportunity recognition and understanding of the business environment; a visionary mindset and flexibility; persistence and the ability to live with failure; and the capability to build strong relationships.

Hisrich told students, “You’re smart, you’re clever and you can do this.”

After the keynote speech, summit attendees had the opportunity to go to three breakout sessions. These sessions included presentations on various topics associated with entrepreneurship, such as sales, marketing, event planning, time management, attire, etc. by Tiffin University faculty and four Ohio business people.

The day ended with a question and answer session with a panel of five Ohio business executives. They were asked to name the top three characteristics they look for in employees. The executives agreed that flexibility or being multi-skilled, being a good writer and speaker and having passion, energy and being positive are very important.

“Show energy and passion about what you do,” co-owner of MJ Recruiters, Maria Hemminger, said.

James Kennedy, president and CEO of Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, said, “Good speakers will own the world.”

The executives also advised that those in the job market should practice interviewing, research a company they are being interviewed at and have questions for the interviewer.

“First impressions count a lot,” said Glenda Lehman Ervin, vice president of marketing for Lehman’s Country Life retail store. “Speak well, do your homework and have questions.”

Panelists were asked how one can get a competitive advantage in the job market. A unanimous agreement went across the panel table about an internship and any other type of experience in the field being an advantage. They also mentioned good social skills, involvement, whether on-campus or off and carefully selected elective courses as being advantages.

President of Webster Industries, Andrew Felter, said, “Try to be the best you that you can be.”

Final remarks were the executives’ key success advice to students. Felter, Kennedy and Hemminger felt that a positive outlook and one’s best effort on a daily basis are what have helped them succeed.

“I will will things to happen,” said Hemminger.

Co-owner of Lane of Dreams, an equestrian training center, Claire Johansen said, “Continue to grow and improve your knowledge.”

Ervin recited an acronym she uses in business. “CARE: Create, assess, refine, and execute,” she told attendees to do when reviewing business ideas.

Dr. Lillian Schumacher, dean of TU School of business, thanked the panelists for their participation and TU Business Club board members for their hard work. She expressed excitement for next year’s summit.

Business Club Board Members

Anthony Dean, Co-Chair

Olivia Frantz, Co-Chair

Misha Phillips, Treasurer

Callie Dewald, Secretary

Andrew Dean, Public Relations & Advertising

Morgan Durbin, Student Government Representative