Clubs and Organizations

Just as what you accomplish inside the classroom will affect your real-world success, so too will your involvement with campus organizations outside of the classroom.  Tiffin University has a wide variety of opportunities to choose from, and each of these choices offers you the chance to make a real and lasting impact not only in your own life, but also in the surrounding community!  Below are TUs clubs and organizations.  Get involved make a difference!

Academic Organizations

Academic Organizations allow students to apply skills learned in class to rewarding experiences outside the classroom.

Alpha Phi Sigma (APS)
Alpha Phi Sigma (APS) is a National Criminal Justice Honor Society certified by the Association of College Honor Societies. Tiffin University's chapter is represented by the Greek letters: Alpha Epsilon Kappa. APS strives to achieve excellence among the students of criminal justice, the campus community, and within the Tiffin community. Our mission is to demonstrate leadership and become role models for the current and future members of our honor society.

Business Professionals of America
Business Professionals of America unites students who have business employment as their career objective.  It helps students learn to plan together, to organize and to carry out projects in practical business scenarios.  The members of BPA compete in various business contests.

Communications Club
The primary goal of the Communications Club is to expand and improve the communication skills of interested students.  In order to offer opportunities in different communication fields, the Club travels to different workshops and conferences that focus on debate, public speaking, journalism, and public relations.

Criminal Justice Club
The purpose of the Criminal Justice Club is to provide opportunities and further knowledge for criminal justice related majors and to promote social interaction among criminal justice and related members of Tiffin University as well as the community. The CJ Club hosts a variety of speakers and activities throughout the year as well as attend a Mock Prison Riot.

Dragon's Den Players
The Dragon's Den Players is a part of Tiffin University's theatre program.  Through this organization, TU students are able to learn or refine their skills in acting, stage managing, set constructing, set decor, sound effects, special effects and other areas during the year's two major stage productions.

English Enthusiasts
The English Enthusiasts is a campus organization comprised of English majors and other interested students.  Among their activities are the operating and editing of the TU Review, Tiffin University's literary magazine, and hosting movie nights, poetry readings, cultural events, and explorations of literature and writing.

Global Affairs Organization (GAO)
The purpose of the Global Affairs Organization is to unite students who have a common interest in the national security and homeland security fields, while pursuing a more in-depth understanding of these fields and how they impact our community, our country, and the world.  GAO hosts campus workshops and the members attend a model NATO conference.

Hospitality Club
The Hospitality Club raises awareness and helps educate TU students on the unprecedented growth rate of the hospitality industry, the diverse career opportunities available, and the current industry events impacting the global economy. The Club attends conventions, trade shows and expositions.

TU Times
The TU Times, the college newspaper, is published during the academic year.  Students can write, edit, take photographs and design the newspaper.

Special Interest Organizations

Special Interest Organizations give students the opportunity to explore their interests or find new ones.

American Sign Language Club
The American Sign Language Club educates the members about the background of sign language and the deaf community.  It also allows the members to choose what words or phrases to learn during the weekly meetings.

Black United Students (BUS)
Black United Students strives to raise awareness of African-American and multicultural concerns on campus, as well as in the surrounding area.  BUS holds campus events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration, the annual Spring Fashion Show, and co-curricular trips to historically Black museum sites.  The organization also holds fundraisers to raise awareness for diabetes, one of the leading causes of death in the African American community.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The Campus Activities Board is the primary programming board for the students at TU.  CAB is responsible for selecting, contracting, promoting, and producing a variety of free social and educational programs that meet the diverse needs of the student body.  Past programs or events have included comedians, game shows, hypnotists, and many more fun activities.

Circle-K International is a collegiate service organization with a worldwide membership that promotes fellowship, leadership, and service. Although a Kiwanis club sponsors each Circle K club, college and university students govern the organization on all levels.

Delta Sigma Kappa (DSK)
Delta Sigma Kappa is an honorary fraternity that works toward the betterment of Tiffin University by secretly initiating creative and constructive projects for the advancement of the University's interests and students.

Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters (GLASS)
GLASS is dedicated to providing support and education regarding the gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual community at Tiffin University in a confidential, fun, and supportive environment. Members meet to support and educate each other as well as plan events for the campus.  The organization hosts an annual Drag Show, Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, and sponsors an AIDS Awareness week.

H2O Campus Ministry
H2O is an Interdenominational Christian Fellowship that is open to all collegiate students.  H2O provides students from all spiritual backgrounds an opportunity to begin or investigate their faith.  Along with its weekly meetings, H2O also offers small group bible studies.

Kappa Kappa Psi
Kappa Kappa Psi strives to promote the existence and welfare of the university bands and to cultivate a respect for their activities and achievements.  They honor outstanding band members through privilege of membership extended as a reward for technical achievement and appreciation for the best in music.  Traditional events of Kappa Kappa Psi are a Costume Contest, Cabaret Night, and Silent Auction.

Martial Arts Club
The Martial Arts Club offers instruction in styles ranging from Shotokan to Kobudo to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a number of other arts.  It is truly a Mixed Martial Arts approach.  This club is open to everyone who is interested in learning self-defense, self-discipline, and keeping in shape.

The MLIA Club is based on the website,  Its main objective is to promote the "average" lifestyle, which includes being proud of who you are, having fun, and enjoying the little things in life.  The MLIA Club sponsors the Human vs. Zombies contest.

Resident Leadership Council
The Resident Leadership Council strives to make every student's experience at TU positive while providing them with leadership opportunities.  RLC meetings are an open forum so students can express what improvements they would like in the residence halls and houses to better on-campus living experience.  It also puts on many programs throughout the year, which include Battle of the Dorms, the Winter Leadership Conference, Lil Sibs Weekend, a Dream Date Auction, and monthly Glow Bowling nights.

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)
The Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) is a dynamic organization established specifically to assist our participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. SAAB is primarily comprised of male African-American male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large. SAAB encourages all participants to embrace the core principles of Accountability, Proactive Leadership, Self-Discipline and Intellectual Development in order to exemplify the values that uphold their mission.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee provides TU with insight on the student-athlete experience and offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes lives on Tiffin University's campus as a NCAA member.

Student Government
Student Government is the governing body for the students at Tiffin University and serves as a liaison between all students and the administration.  As an organization, Student Government is a great source for students' opinions to be voiced, debated, and turned into action.

World Student Association (WSA)
The World Student Association works to help foster cultural growth and diversity on campus by raising awareness of international students' cultures, traditions and lifestyles.  WSA activities include the International Flag Ceremony, the Annual International Dinner, the Moon Festival, and many others.

Greek Letter Organizations

There are seven social Greek Letter Organizations on campus - three fraternities and four sororities.  Greek members enjoy the support system and the feeling of unity.

Alpha Iota Sorority
Alpha Iota is an international business sorority that has chapters affiliated with leading schools and colleges across the United States.  The sorority stresses the importance of scholarship, loyalty, and cooperation among all members.  The Alphas are focused on community service and have partnered with the American Red Cross to hold two blood drives during the academic year.  Along with these blood drives, other traditional Alpha events are Bingo Nights and supporting Autism Awareness.

Gamma Chi Alpha Sorority
Gamma Chi Alpha sorority is a group of unified, independent, strong, and goal-oriented women striving to support all its sisters, to enhance the quality of life with the community, and to partner to engage in spirited leading, learning, and lasting friendships.  Traditional Gamma causes are Breast Cancer Awareness and the "Think Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness Gala, suicide prevention, and Adopt-A-Soldier.

Omega Psi Rho Fraternity
Omega Psi Rho believes that life is not merely about free spirit, but also about leadership, discipline, maturity, and camaraderie among peers, school, and community.  With its spirit and camaraderie, the Rhos have established several popular campus traditions including a Wing Eating Contest, 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, and Rho Dinners.

Phi Theta Pi Fraternity
The Delta Beta Chapter of the Phi Theta Pi fraternity is a group of men concerned with international business and commerce as well as encouraging scholarship, loyalty, and cooperation among the members.  The Phis believe that "fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service."  Traditions of the Phis include the Super Bowl Party, OSU vs. Michigan Game Party, Pool Tournaments, and work with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Sigma Delta Sigma Sorority
Sigma Delta Sigma sorority is a local social sorority with strong ties to the community and was originally founded in 1987.  The Deltas encourage individuality while still coming together as one unified sisterhood.  Causes that the Deltas support include Depression Awareness and Take Back the Night.

Theta Eta Omicron Fraternity
Theta Eta Omicron focuses on the spirit of brotherhood while celebrating individuality as well as helping local charities.  The fraternity stresses the importance of lasting friendships, academic achievements, and community interaction.  The Omicrons host a Call of Duty tournament, Hydration Station, and work with several local charities.

Zeta Pi Beta Sorority
Zeta Pi Beta, the newest Greek organization, focuses on acceptance, true sisterhood, female empowerment, and giving back.  The Zetas host the Amazing Dragon Race and work with the Salvation Army.