Communication Courses

Communication (COM)

125 Oral Interpretation (3 hours)
Develops appreciation and understanding of a variety of literary modes by engaging students in literature through performance; introduces students to tools for literary analysis and fundamental performance techniques.
Offered Fall odd numbered years
130 Introduction to Speech Communication (3 hours)
A survey course in spoken communication emphasizing the areas of interpersonal communication, small group communication, and public speaking. A series of practical exercises and three speeches are required of all students.
Prerequisite: ENG141 or concurrent Offered Fall, Spring
132 Visual Communication (3 hours)
Surveys the nature of visual communication, including perceptual limitations, visual literacy, and visual communication's impact on social reality. Emphasis on the evolution, emergence, and impact of visual media and approaches to analyzing visual communication.
Offered Fall odd numbered years
190, 290, 390 Special Topics (3 hours)
Topics will vary.
Prerequisite: None, unless listed in the schedule of courses.  
134 Digital Photography (3 hours)
Introduction to black and white and color photography in its applications as fine art and visual communication.  Introduction to computer editing software.
Prerequisite: Digital camera required. Offered Fall
145 Electronic Information Sources (3 hours)
Sources and techniques of gathering information from electronic sources, including libraries, government documents, databases, and the World Wide Web.
210 Graphics of Communication (3 hours)
Creative and practical aspects of typography, layout and design of printed communication using computer software.
Offered Spring odd numbered years
212 Introduction to Public Relations (3 hours)
Survey of the theory, philosophy, and function of public relations practices and programs in American institutions with special attention given to public relations in various fields.
Offered Fall even numbered years
218 News Writing (3 hours)
Methods of gathering and evaluating news and writing typical news stories. Practice work covering assignments and preparing copy. Offered Spring odd numbered years
222 Human Communication Theory (3 hours)
Surveys the questions, methods, and current status of knowledge in the communication discipline; Students will understand the range of concerns and explore specific areas of interest.
Prerequisite: COM130 Offered Spring even numbered years
224 Argumentation Theory and Practice (3 hours)
Develops critical attitudes and practical skills for dealing with arguments in formal and informal situations; exercises include analysis and criticism of arguments and oral argumentation.
Offered Spring odd numbered years
230 Presentational Strategies (3 hours)
A practical examination of the skills needed to become an effective public speaker. A series of speeches of various types will be required, with an emphasis on the development of organizational patterns, effective use of audio-visual aids, and audience analysis.
Prerequisite: COM130   Offered Fall even numbered years
241 Introduction to Mass Communication (3 hours)
A survey course examining the various media (i.e., newspaper, radio, television, film, etc.) comprising the mass media in contemporary American society. Emphasis is given to the history, structure, and potential effects of each medium.
Offered Fall even numbered years
310 Human, Interpersonal, & Small Group Communication (3 hours)
An advanced course dealing with the process of interpersonal communication. Emphasis is given to the dyadic relationship, the communication environment, self-disclosure, and listening. A series of practical exercises is an inherent part of the course structure.
Prerequisite: COM130  Offered Spring odd numbered years
318 Feature Writing (3 hours)
Newspaper features and special articles for general circulation magazines, business, and trade journal sources, materials, markets, and other factors pertinent to nonfiction writing.  Students will analyze and write a variety of types of feature stories.
Prerequisite: ENG142  Offered Fall odd numbered years
324 Communicating across Cultures (3 hours)
Introduction to the study of cultural and intercultural theory and behavior, discussion of various culturally specific patterns of communication.
Offered Fall even numbered years
329 Writing for Electronic Media (3 hours)
Introduction to writing styles and techniques used in electronic media. Includes creating copy for advertising, promotion, and news, and scripts for media programs.
Prerequisite: ENG142  Offered Fall odd numbered years
330 Video Production  (3 hours)
Finding, producing, directing, scripting, and editing magazine style/documentary short stories. Interviewing techniques will be stressed. Pre-production, production, and post-production processes will be covered. All students will be required to produce their own story.
Prerequisite: COM329  Offered Spring even numbered years
340 Law and Communications (3 hours)
Survey of laws and regulations concerning mass media. Includes material on First Amendment, libel, invasion of privacy, freedom of information, copyright, obscenity, advertising and broadcast regulation.
Prerequisite: Junior Standing Offered Fall even numbered years
341 Political Communication (3 hours)
Examination of how interpersonal, group, and mass communication processes intersect political processes. A focus on the ways communication constructs political expectations and practice.
Prerequisite: COM222 or COM241  Offered Fall even numbered years
412 Public Relations Writing and Techniques (3 hours)
Theory and practice of producing publicity tools for various media used in campaigns to promote and interpret personal, institutional, and organizational objectives and activities. Emphasis is on writing and publicity problem solving.
Prerequisite: COM329  Offered Fall even numbered years
416 Public Relations Cases, Campaigns & Non-Profits (3 hours)
Application of research and problem-solving techniques to actual or simulated public relations problems.
Prerequisite: COM412   Offered Spring odd numbered years
424 Theory and Practice of Persuasion (3 hours)
Principles and methods of persuasion and social influence, with practice in the preparation and analysis of persuasive messages, persuasive campaigns, and media persuasion.
Prerequisite: COM222  Offered as needed
427 Conflict Resolution (3 hours)
Examines conflict in interpersonal, organizational, and international settings as a communication phenomenon.  Practical applications to conflict management, including mediation, are developed and practiced. Requirements include examinations, informal papers, class reports, and participation in exercises.
Prerequisite: Junior Standing  Offered as needed
430 Advanced Video Production (3 hours)
Multiple production elements, techniques and advanced post-production techniques will be covered. All students will be required to produce multiple stories.
Prerequisite: COM330  Offered Spring odd numbered years
438 History and Tradition of American Journalism (3 hours)
This course explores the cultural, intellectual and social history of journalism in America: the impact of new technologies for gathering and disseminating news; popular expectations about the duties and uses of the press and the business of journalism. Examines the press’ role in war, reform movements, political exercises, and other historic events.
Prerequisite: ENG142 and Junior standing Offered Spring even numbered years
441 Organizational Communication (3 hours)
An advanced course designed to examine interpersonal relationships and patterns of managerial communication within the organizational structure. Focus is on organizational channels of communication, an examination of problems encountered in various leadership styles, coping with complementary relationships in the organization, and effective use of intervention. A final group project will be required of all students.
Prerequisite: COM130  Offered spring odd years
450 Critical Analysis of Mass Media (3 hours)
Introduction to and application of media ethics and critical theory approaches to mass media. Issues may include globalization, identity, power, consumerism, ideology and hegemony in contemporary media.
Prerequisite: ENG141 & COM241 (Writing Intensive Course) (Jr. & Sr. only)