Make It As A Professional Journalist!

Do you have the desire and motivation to become a working journalist? In this concentration, our faculty make it real by teaching you the specific investigative, writing and production skills necessary to work as professional journalist. As a student in the Journalism Concentration, you’ll also learn the tradition and responsibilities of professional journalists

Journalism Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
Communication Core Curriculum
COM134 Digital Photography 3
ART325 Graphic Design 3
COM212 Introduction to Public Relations (w) 3
COM241 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
*COM300 Communication Research Methods and Information Sources (w)  3
*COM320 Argumentation/Persuasion  Theory and Practice 3
COM330 Video Production 3
*COM340 Law and Communication 3
One of the following:
*COM310 Human, Interpersonal and Small Group Communication 3
*COM324 Communicating Across Cultures (w) 3
*COM341 Political Communication (w) 3
*COM450 Critical Analysis of Mass Media  (w) 3

One of any ENG200-ENG300 writing intensive classes (w)


One of the following: 
*SAS470 Internship 3
*SAS499 Senior Seminar (capstone) 3
Journalism Concentration Curriculum
COM190, 290, 390 Special Topics 3
ENG262 Editing 3
COM218 News Writing (w) 3
*COM318 Feature Writing 3
*COM410 Advanced Reporting (w) 3
*COM438 History & Tradition of American Journalism (w) 3


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