Corrections (BCJ)

The Backbone Of The American Justice System

As a Tiffin University graduate with a major in Corrections, you will be part of the backbone of the American Justice System. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) Corrections major is designed for students who are interested in understanding and working with criminal offenders. Through this major, you will be equipped to handle the dynamic nature of the largest facet of the criminal justice system. The program focuses on the relationship of the field of corrections to the broader criminal justice system, as well as the evaluation and treatment of offenders in community supervision, custodial, and community-based facilities

A Strong Academic Foundation

The major is structured to give our students sufficient background in legal issues, management, history, social work, and counseling that effectively augment the knowledge and skills they develop in the criminal justice core curriculum. A strong emphasis is placed on providing the latest perspectives on offender reentry, population management strategies, offender motivation, theory, and policy that will provide you with the requisite educational foundation to effect positive outcomes in offender management.

Our Faculty: Working Professionals With Real-World Experience

Our Corrections program offers students the unique opportunity to interact with working professionals from the field. Our faculty come from the correctional environment, and bring to the classroom their professional practice experiences from working in prisons, jails, parole, court security, counseling, and international field work.

Our faculty’s professional practice experience offers you, the student, an innovative blend of theory and practice that is crucial for effective professional education. In addition, our faculty take you into the field and let you explore the correctional environment first-hand, which allows you to gain a better understanding of the classroom instruction.

Your Corrections Curriculum

Criminal Justice Core

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
JUS201 Criminal Law 3
JUS202 Criminal Procedures 3
JUS361 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
ENF293 Criminology 3
SCS300 Research Design (w) 3
SCS470 Internship I 3

Corrections Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
COR120 Correctional Thought and Practice 3
COR231 Juvenile Justice Systems 3
COR245 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections 3
COR336 Constitutional Rights of Prisoners 3
COR420 Agency Management 3
FOR423 Case Management 3
FOR430 Crisis Intervention Strategies 3
JUS461 Capstone Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (w) 3
PSY362 Abnormal Behavior 3
One of the following:
FOR365 Drugs and Society 3
PSY269 Human Sexuality 3
SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society (w) 3

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