Cost Overview For TUís Programs: Real Resources For Guidance Counselors

Tiffin University has created this page especially for high school guidance counselors. We want you to have the important information below at your fingertips. If you need further information in any of the areas, just click on the convenient links. TU offers you and your students real resources, leading to your studentsí real success in college and beyond!

Guidance Counselor Advisory Board

  • There are no costs associated with this program.

Guidance Counselor Professional Development Day

  • There are no costs associated with this program.

Post Secondary Options

  • Option A:  Permits students to enroll in college courses for college credit.  The student is responsible for all costs including tuition, books, materials, and fees.  The cost of tuition will be at a reduced price.
  • Option B:  Permits students to enroll in college courses for high school and college credit.  The student will not be required to pay for tuition, books, materials, and fees.
  • Option C: If the student does not live in Ohio Ėout-of-state students can take classes at a reduced price.  The price per class is $450 dollars.  Books are not included with the price.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Admission Fees

  • Application Fee: $20 (non-refundable)
  • Confirmation Fee:  $50 *

* Due 30 days after acceptance, and will apply                   

       toward tuition

Academic Semester Fees, Undergraduate

  • Tuition per semester, full-time (12-16 credit hours):  $8,400
  • Tuition per semester, more than 16 credits: $8,400+ $560 per additional credit
  • Tuition per credit, less than full-time (1-11 credits): $560
  • Auditing, per course: $840.00
  • Laboratory Fees: $25 to $60*

      *Applicable to some courses; see course  


  • Music Fee for Private Lessons

      100-200 level course (10 lessons): $300

       300 level course (10 lessons): $350

  • Prior Learning Experience Application Fee: $25

            Tuition is assessed at 50% of normal rates

            Proficiency Examination: $25

  • Incomplete Fee, per course: $15

(to change from an "I" grade)

  • Transcript Fee: $4
  • Graduation Fee: $65

Housing Expenses

  • Small Group housing, per year

            Single:  $4,540

            Other: $3,750

  • Benner (Apartment): $4,750
  • Housing Confirmation Fee New Residents: $100

      (applied to first semester housing; not    

       refundable after May 1)

  • Returning Residents: $25

      (not refundable after June 1)

  • Insurance: $220

(required for all full-time students unless a waiver is signed; available to part time students upon request)

Food Expenses

  • Resident Meal Plans

      14 Meals-a-Week Plan:  $3,330

            19 Meals-a-Week Plan: $3,440

  • Block Meal Plans

            150 block plan: $985

             75 block plan: $510

Please also note:

  • Returned Check Fee: $15
  • Interest is charged on past due accounts

      at 1% per month

Need more information?  Contact:

If you have any questions please contact our Admissions Office at (800) 968-6446 ext. 3423