TU's School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Our Mission

The School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences educates our graduates for work and for life.  Its undergraduate programs provide comprehensive preparation for post-baccalaureate employment and for entry into graduate-level education while its graduate programs provide additional professional development for successful careers.  The School also is committed to developing and offering new educational programs of the highest quality in other domains of criminal justice and social and behavioral sciences as the need arises.

A Welcome Message From The Dean

Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences. The School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences has a great deal to offer prospective students as you make important choices about your career and your future.

We offer a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Degree with majors in Cyber-Defense and Information Security, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Homeland Security and Terrorism, and Forensic Psychology. In addition, we offer a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Government and National Security and Psychology and a new Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic Science for students who wish to enter laboratory professions.  We also offer a number of CJSS minors.

Our graduates go on to work as law enforcement officers, federal agents, agency directors, intelligence and security officers, corrections counselors, and in a variety of other security and social service roles around the nation and the world.

While some degree programs suggest an internship as part of your education, the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences requires it. An internship will allow you to graduate with practical experience that will give you a decided advantage in gaining full-time employment.  Tiffin University has partnered with professional organizations such as the Washington Center, American University, and the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development (ATIC-HCD) in order to provide our students with high quality internships.

Labor analysts predict substantially faster job growth in cyber-security, law enforcement, corrections, social services, and international security and homeland security positions.  Our graduates will continue to be in demand for these new positions. Additionally, many of our baccalaureate graduates enroll in either a master's degree program or in law school, leading to even wider career opportunities.

The School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences degree programs feature a strong emphasis on solid professional practice guided by sound academic theory, an accomplished faculty with practitioner experience, an interdisciplinary curriculum for all majors, and a mandatory completion of a field internship.

If you are seeking an education that integrates quality academics with practical application in your chosen field of study, give us a call or come visit. We are ready to help you take that first step. At Tiffin University, we want to ensure that your education is relevant to your real-world success!

Robert James Orr, III, J.D., LL.M
Dean, School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

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