Center for Justice & Security

The mission of the Center of Justice and Security is to enrich the lives of our students, the broader Tiffin University family, and the community of Tiffin by presenting relevant speakers and organizing conferences on justice-related topics.

Enriching the lives of Tiffin University students happens at two levels. First, the speakers that CJS will bring in and the conferences the organization will host and co-sponsor will provide students with opportunities to explore topics that otherwise might be underdeveloped through normal coursework, and for our students to meet speakers who have the ability to positively influence them, both personally and professionally. Second, the conferences that CJS will organize will provide an experience not currently available at most universities of Tiffin's size, and will thereby increase the exposure of our student body to the professional and academic standards they will encounter upon leaving the University.

In addition to the educational enrichment provided by the events, the organization will also will provide real-life, practical experience in the development of students' management and organizational skills by employing students for planning events, creating website content, and coordinating with other organizations at the University and within the community.

CJS will also work to have a positive impact on the broader Tiffin community. All events will be open to the public, and many will involve specific coordination with other members of the Tiffin educational community and public agencies. By forming such partnerships with the local community, CJS will help increase Tiffin University's positive public exposure and, in this way, be a contributing part of Tiffin University’s broader mission to the community.

Want To Know More?

For detailed information about The Center for Justice and Security, please contact Professor R. James Orr, Dean of the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, at (419) 448-3292, or (800) 968-6446, ext 3292. 

Learn more about Dean Orr by clicking here.