Faculty and Staff Directory

For a full listing of Faculty and Staff telephone numbers, titles, department associations, and locations please click here to view the Tiffin University Employee Directory.

Note: All extensions can be reached from outside the University by dialing the prefix 419-448 then the extension number.


Department Location Extension Email
Academic Advising Murphy Academic Support Center 3420 academicadvising@tiffin.edu
Academic Affairs Reichard Hall 3299  
Alumni Relations Friedley Hall 3595 alumni@tiffin.edu
Athletic Trainer Hanson Building 3263 phillipsls@tiffin.edu
Athletics Gillmor Student Center 3334  
AVI Foodsystems Cole Dining Hall 3450 foodservice@tiffin.edu
Bookstore 235 Miami St. 3437 tiffin@bkstr.com
Brunswick Academic Center Brunswick, OH 216-987-3562  
Bursar Seitz Hall 3409 bursar@tiffin.edu
Business Office Seitz Hall 5846  
Campus Activities Board Gillmor Student Center 3389 cab@tiffin.edu
Campus Security Gillmor Student Center 5137/419-934-0721 security@tiffin.edu
Career Services Murphy Academic Support Center 3313 hummelas@tiffin.edu
Cashier Seitz Hall 3052 broserl@tiffin.edu
Cleveland Academic Center Cuyahoga Community College 3191  
Club & Rec Sports 45 Gilmore St. 3451 clubrecsports@tiffin.edu
Computer Lab Hertzer Technology Center 3454 helpdesk@tiffin.edu
Counseling & Wellness Seneca House 3578 counseling@tiffin.edu
Co-Curricular Gillmor Student Center 3424 co-curricular@tiffin.edu
Dining Hall Gillmor Student Center 3450 foodservice@tiffin.edu
Disability Services Friedley Hall 3021 disabilityservices@tiffin.edu
Education Program (Lourdes) Bridgewater House 3385 stoverb@tiffin.edu
English as a Second Language Friedley Hall 3509 gofftn@tiffin.edu
Event Services Friedley Hall 3323/3593 eventservices@tiffin.edu
Facilities 31 Gilmore St. 3276 maintenance@tiffin.edu
Financial Aid Seitz Hall 3279 finaid@tiffin.edu
Football Office Heminger Center 3364 goffg@tiffin.edu
Fremont Academic Center Fremont, OH 419-559-2245  
Graduate & Distance Education Academic Advising Grad & Distance Ed Center 3596 hintzenm@tiffin.edu
Graduate & Distance Education Admissions 88 S. Sandusky St. 3372 grad@tiffin.edu
Graduate & Distance Education Operations Grad & Distance Ed Center 5124  
Health Center (Nurse Practitioner) Seneca House 3429 healthcenter@tiffin.edu
Heminger Recreation Center 350 Miami St. 3338 croyjn@tiffin.edu
Housing Operations Gillmor Student Center 3392 housing@tiffin.edu
Human Resources Seitz Hall 3054 hr@tiffin.edu
Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk Hertzer Technology Center 3430 helpdesk@tiffin.edu
Institutional Advancement Friedley Hall 3282 poignonp@tiffin.edu
Institutional Research Franks Hall 6013 myrickm@tiffin.edu
International Academic Advising Pettibone 3369 ia@tiffin.edu
International Admissions Pettibone 3287 ia@tiffin.edu
Library Pfeiffer Library 3435 librarycat@tiffin.edu
Mail Center Gillmor Student Center 3411 mailcenter@tiffin.edu
Marketing & Communications St. Mary's 5859 lawrykm@tiffin.edu
Media Relations & Publications 155 Miami St. 419-448-3444 tunews@tiffin.edu
Murphy Academic Support Center Murphy Academic Support Center 3324 tutor@tiffin.edu
Music Department Hayes Center for the Arts 3366 gig@tiffin.edu
Northeast Ohio Academic Center Brunswick/Westlake, OH 216-987-3562  
Northwest Ohio Academic Center   567-661-6131  
Paradiso Conference Room Seitz Hall 3267  
Presidentís Office Seitz Hall 3413  
Registration & Records Seitz Hall 3270 records@tiffin.edu
Residence Life Gillmor Student Center 3422 reslife@tiffin.edu
School of Arts & Sciences Main Classroom Building 3274 hallyatesjc@tiffin.edu
School of Business Main Classroom Building 3590 tsullivan@tiffin.edu
School of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences Main Classroom Building 5124 cashenk@tiffin.edu
Student Affairs Gillmor Student Center 3264 herdlickm@tiffin.edu
Student Engagement Gillmor Student Center 3424 TUengage@tiffin.edu
Student Government Gillmor Student Center 3354 stugov@tiffin.edu
Switchboard Pettibone 3200  
Theatre Gillmor Student Center 3376 grennenmv@tiffin.edu
TOLL FREE NUMBER-TU 800-968-6446
Undergraduate Admissions Welcome Center 3423 admiss@tiffin.edu
Veteran & Military Services Bridgewater House 3340 burkindi@tiffin.edu


Department Location Fax Number
Academic Support Programs Murphy Academic Support Center 419-443-5054
Alumni Relations Friedley Hall 419-443-5005
Athletics Gillmor Student Center 419-443-5007
Bookstore 235 Miami St. 419-443-5022
Bridgewater House   419-443-5027
Center for Online Learning   419-443-5052
Disability Services Friedley Hall 419-443-5030
Facilities 31 Gilmore St. 419-443-1105
Financial Aid Seitz Hall 419-443-5025
Football Heminger Center 419-443-5020
Graduate Admissions Welcome Center 419-443-5002
Human Resources Seitz Hall 419-443-5048
Institutional Advancement Friedley Hall 419-443-5005
International Student Services Pettibone 419-443-5030
ITS Hertzer Technology Center 419-443-5001
Library Pfeiffer Library 419-443-5013
Music Hayes Center for the Arts 419-443-5016
Northeast, OH Academic Centers Brunswick/Westlake, OH 216-987-5879
Northwest, OH Academic Center   419-443-5008
Registration & Records Seitz Hall 419-443-5006
School of Arts & Sciences Main Classroom Building 419-443-5021
School of Business Main Classroom Building 419-443-5053
School of CJ & Social Sciences Main Classroom Building 419-443-5015
Student Affairs Gillmor Student Center 419-443-5026
Undergraduate Admissions Welcome Center 419-443-5009
VP for Academic Affairs Seitz Hall 419-443-5004