People who can write well are always in demand. From creative writing, script writing and public relations writing, to editing – it’s all relevant to a host of in-demand careers. Tiffin University’s English Majors study with professors who have worked in a variety of fields that demand good writers. In short, this is as real as it gets!

English Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
CUL443 Comparative Mythology (w) 3
ENG221 History of the English Language 3
ENG223 Advanced Grammar 3
*ENG291 British Literature I (Chaucer to Romantics) (w) 3
*ENG292 British Literature II (Romantics to WWII) (w) 3
*ENG293 American Literature I (Colonial to Civil War) (w) 3
*ENG294 American Literature II (Civil War to WWII) (w) 3
*ENG380 Shakespeare (w) 3
*ENG422 World Literature (w) 3
*ENG453 Major Authors in British and American Literature (w) 3
*ENG463 Literary Theory (w) 3
One of the following:
ENG499 Senior Seminar 3
SAS470 Internship 3
One of the following:
CUL448 Women and Literature (w) 3
CUL449 Minority Experience in American Literature (w) 3
One of the following:
CUL351 History of Film in Society 3
CUL352 Film Genre and History 3
ENG350 History of Dramatic Literature (w) 3
One of the following:
ENG347 American Novel (w) 3
 ENG348 British Novel (w) 3
One of the following:
COM329 Writing for Electronic Media (w) 3
ENG251, 252, 253, or 254 Creative Writing Workshop (w) 3


Editing 3
Note: English majors should fulfill their GEC Literature Requirements with either ENG360 American Poetry or ENG361 English Poetry.

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