Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jonathan Appel
Dr. Jonathan Appel Professor of Psychology, Counseling & Criminal Justice / Director of...
Dr. Elizabeth Athaide-Victor
Dr. Elizabeth Athaide-Vi... Professor of Forensic Psychology and Psychology
Dr. Dan Bell, Ph.D
Dr. Dan Bell, Ph.D Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Matthew Bereza
Dr. Matthew Bereza Associate Professor of Psychology, Counseling & Latin American Studies
Scott Blough
Scott Blough Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Security Studies
Steven Borawski
Steven Borawski Program Chair, Online Bachelor and Graduate Social Science Programs
Brian N. Burton Visiting Professor of Chemistry
 Dr. Aaron Burton, Ph.D
Dr. Aaron Burton, Ph.D Chair, Humanities Programs / Assistant Professor of Communication
Kevin Cashen
Kevin Cashen Dean School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences / Assistant Professor...
Dr. Gene Chintala
Dr. Gene Chintala Associate Professor of Political Science
Brandon Clay
Brandon Clay Assistant Professor of English and American Literature
Teresa (Terry) Collins, Ph.D
Dr. Teresa (Terry) Colli... Associate Professor of Education
Kristina Collins
Kristina L. Collins Assistant Professor of Management
Dr. Gordon Crews
Dr. Gordon Crews Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology
Dr. Maria Gabriella De O... Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Erin Dean
Dr. Erin Dean Associate Professor & Chair for Main Campus Social Science Programs
Thomas Debbink, Ph.D.
Thomas Debbink, Ph.D. Professor of Management
Tonia Duncum Assistant Professor of Physics
Robin Dunlap
Robin Dunlap Instructor of Mathematics
Dr. Lacy Ellis
Dr. Lacy Ellis Assistant Professor & Chair for Criminal Justice Graduate Programs /...
 Andrew Faber, M.B.A., CPA
Andrew Faber, CPA Assistant Professor of Accounting
Ana Paula Fantini
Ana Paula Fantini Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Biology
Lee Fearnside
Lee Fearnside Associate Professor of Art
Danielle Foster, Ed.D.
Danielle Foster, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Marketing
Vinnie Gajjala, Ph.D.
Vinnie Gajjala, Ph.D. Professor of Economics & Finance
Sushmita Ghosh, Ph.D.
Dr. Sushmita Ghosh, Ph.D... Professor of Science
Rhonda Gilreath
Rhonda Gilreath Assistant Professor of Accounting
Tiffanie Goff
Tiffanie Goff Instructor of English
Dr. Mary Grennen, Ph.D.
Dr. Mary Grennen, Ph.D. Director of Theatre Arts / Associate Professor of English
 James Gucker, J.D.
James Gucker, J.D. Associate Professor of Business Law
Perry Haan, D.B.A.
Perry Haan, D.B.A. Professor of Marketing
 Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates, J.D.
Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates, J.... Dean, School of Arts & Sciences / Assistant Professor of Paralegal...
Michael Herdlick
Michael Herdlick Dean of Students / Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez Assistant Professor of Management
Ben Herrick Instructor of Music and Bands / Tiffin University Band Director
Dr. Steven Hurwitz
Dr. Steven Hurwitz Professor of Psychology & Criminal Justice / Washington Center Liaison
Victoria Ingalls, Ed.D.
Dr. Victoria Ingalls, Ed... Formal & Natural Science Programs / Associate Professor of Mathematics...
Lisa Kahle-Piasecki, Ph.D.
Lisa Kahle-Piasecki, Ph.... Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Management
Laura A. Ketter
Laura A. Ketter Associate Professor of Computer Information Technology & Management
Michael Kidd, Ph.D.
Dr. Michael Kidd Chair, Bachelor of Sciences - IT Program / Assistant Professor of...
Dr. Fang-Mei Law
Dr. Fang-Mei Law Professor of Psychology & Criminal Justice
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice / Chair for Undergraduate Off-...
Zhaolu Lu, Ph.D.
Dr. Zhaolu Lu, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy
Alexandra Manfredo Instructor of Voice and Commercial Music
Jamie Marinis
Jamie Marinis Instructor of English / Director of First-Year Experience
Michelle Maus
Michelle Maus Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems & Healthcare...
Natalie McClain
Natalie McClain Assistant Professor of Mathematics
 Kellie C. McGilvray, Ph.D.
Kellie C. McGilvray, Ph.... Associate Professor of Marketing
Sami Mejri
Sami Mejri Program Chair, General Education / Assistant Professor of Science
Corri Miller, M.A.E.
Corri Miller Instructor of Human Resources Management
Sandra Miller
Dr. Sandra Miller Assistant Professor of Criminology
George Miller
George Miller Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Teresa Miller
Teresa Miller Associate Professor of Hospitality Management & Marketing
Vincent Moore
Dr. Vincent Moore, Ph.D. Professor of English
Kochan Mucahit Assistant Professor of Finance
Shane Parendo, Ph.D.
Shane Parendo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics
 Sharon Perry-Fantini, Ph.D.
Sharon Perry-Fantini, Ph... Associate Professor of Management
Pete Piraino
Pete Piraino Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Security Studies / Chair for...
Leonard Reaves III
Leonard Reaves III Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Bradley Rees
Bradley Rees Assistant Professor of Music
Nicholas Reinhard
Nicholas Reinhard Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
Dr. Mark Sabo, Ph.D.
Dr. Mark Sabo, Ph.D. Professor of Forensic Science and Chemistry
Dr. Jan H. Samoriski, Ph.D.
Dr. Jan H. Samoriski, Ph... Professor of Communication
Nathan Santos
Nathan Santos Instructor of Music / Director of Commercial Music - Instrumental
Dr. John Schupp
Dr. John Schupp Assistant Professor of Chemistry
David Selnick
David Selnick Assistant Dean of the School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences /...
Teresa E. Shafer, Ph.D.
Teresa E. Shafer, Ph.D. Professor of Management
Jeffry Stockner
Jeffry Stockner Professor of Business Law & Criminal Justice
Robert Stover
Robert Stover Teacher Educator Coordinator
Nancy J. Sullivan
Nancy J. Sullivan Associate Professor of Marketing
Terry D. Sullivan, J.D.
Terry D. Sullivan, J.D. Associate Professor of Business Law & Finance
Bonnie S. Tiell, D.S.M.
Bonnie S. Tiell, D.S.M. Professor of Management
Dr. Colleen Vallo, Ph.D.
Dr. Colleen Vallo, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Communication
Joseph Van Kerkhove
Joseph Van Kerkhove Assistant Professor of Art
Charles White
Dr. Charles White Assistant Professor / ATIC & OPOTA Coordinator
Dr. Jennifer Young, Ph.D
Dr. Jennifer Young, Ph.D Assistant Professor of English
Wendy Ziems-Mueller, D.M.
Wendy Ziems-Mueller, D.M... Assistant Professor of Management