Forensic Science (BS)

A Degree With A Laboratory Focus

Students earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Forensic Science learn the legal, ethical, natural science, and laboratory skills necessary for effective professional careers in chemistry laboratories, CSI units, forensic laboratories and/or law enforcement agencies, as well as the knowledge necessary to pursue graduate studies in the sciences.  You will also be prepared to pursue degrees in criminal justice, forensic science, law, allied health, and medicine--to name just a few examples.

You will be exposed to all of the same coursework as a student following the BCJ in Forensic Science track, but you will also obtain a deeper knowledge of microbiology, genetics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, forensic anthropology, forensic pharmacology, physics, and calculus.

Intensive Laboratory Coursework

Students in this major will acquire a basic, yet comprehensive knowledge base in the field of forensic science.  While the BCJ track requires only 7 laboratory courses, the BS track requires 12.  With this degree, you will receive the scientific background needed to work in any crime lab.  You will develop proficiency in both knowledge and application of rules of evidence handling and processing, chemical and bodily fluid analysis, and presentation/explanation in court, while also developing a broad understanding in the fields of chemistry and biology.

The BCJ Side

The BS track offers students all of the same skills acquired through the BCJ track plus a more in depth knowledge of the sciences.  All students interested in a Forensic Science degree major will first be admitted to the BCJ in Forensic Science.  Students may then apply for admission to the BS track during their fourth semester or after achieving a 3.3 GPA in 9 specific core courses, if they wish to do so.  While the BCJ program requires a total of 121 semester hours (including seven lab courses), the BS track requires 127 semester courses (with a total of twelve courses).  Because of this, the BS in Forensic Science does not offer students opportunities to take open electives or to pursue a minor without significantly exceeding the 127 hours.

What You Can Expect From Your TU Forensic Science BS Degree:

  1. Graduates will obtain a general and broad, yet comprehensive knowledge base in the field of forensic science. 
  2. Graduates will develop critical thinking and analytical thought processes.
  3. Graduates will become familiar with the criminal justice system in general and the court system in particular.  
  4. Graduates will develop proficiency in both knowledge and application of rules of evidence, evidence handling, processing, analysis, and presentation/explanation in court.
  5. Graduates will develop proficiency in both knowledge and application of chemistry and biology.
  6. Graduates will be provided with professional skills for courtroom presentation.  
  7. Graduates will be prepared to become professional, employable scientists.


 Your BS In Forensic Science Curriculum

Criminal Justice Core*

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour

Introduction to Criminal Justice

 JUS201  Criminal Law
 JUS202  Criminal Procedures
 JUS361  Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
SCS300 Research Design (w) 3
SCS470 Internship I 3

 *Unlike most other Criminal Justice students, those following the BS in Forensic Science Track are not required to take Criminology as part of their Criminal Justice core.

Forensic Science (BS) Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
 BIO310 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (w) 4
 BIO333  Genetics 4
 BIO373  Microbiology 4
 CHM131  General Chemistry I 4
 CHM132  General Chemistry II 4
 CHM331  Organic Chemistry I 4
 CHM332  Organic Chemistry II 4
 CHM381  Quantitative Analysis 4
 CHM411  Biochemistry 3
 CHM481  Instrumental Analysis 4
 ENF460  Evidence Processing (w) 4
FSC115 Introduction to Forensic Science 3
 FSC391  Forensic Anthropology 3
 FSC422  Forensic Pharmacology 3
 MAT281  Calculus I 3
 PHY211  General Physics I 4


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