General Science

The General Science major offers students a choice from three concentration: Behavioral Science, Chemistry, and Green Technologies, and is designed to provide the student with a broad-based science curriculum with interdisciplinary components for students seeking...

1) certification to teach science at the middle school level, or

2) a broad base of content knowledge and laboratory skills in each of the major scientific disciplines to pursue a science related career.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in General Science program is multi-disciplinary (requires basic mastery of several sciences beyond the introductory level) and enables students to develop skills that relate to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences.

General Science is an appropriate major for students interested in health-related careers, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical technology.  Combined with a second major/minor in English, General Science is an excellent preparation for a writing career in science, technology, or natural history.  In the business world, General Science students can embark on careers in sales, health care administrators, and production when combined with a major/minor in business management or marketing.

General Science Core Curriulum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
BIO101 Contemporary Biological Problems 3
CHM131 Chemistry I 3
*MAT273 Applied Statistics 3
*MAT275 Elementary Analysis 3
NAT Elective 3
NAT114 Survey to Science 3
NAT205 Introduction to Earth Science 3
NAT201 Principles of Physical Science 3
NAT215 Environmental Science 3
NAT310 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
SAS470 Internship 3

Behavioral Science Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
NAT220 Survey of Health Issues 3
NAT291 Drugs and the Body 3
Two of the following:
PSY320 Motivational Psychology 3
PSY360 Introduction to Counseling 3
PSY362 Abnormal Behavior 3
PSY363 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY401 Biological Foundations of Behavior 3
One of the following:
SOC250 Social Psychology 3
SOC310 Sociology of the Family 3
SOC320 Community Sociology 3

Chemistry Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
*CHM132 General Chemistry II and Lab 4
*CHM331 Organic chemistry and Lab 4
*CHM381 Quantitative Analysis and Lab 4
*CHM481 Instrumental Analysis and Lab 4

Green Technologies Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
Choose two of the following:
*CIS340 Green Computing 3
*CUL250 World Cultural Geography 3
*ECO424 Global Trade 3
NAT210 Oceanography 3
*NAT300 Introduction to Green Technologies 3
*NAT450 Renewable Energies and Sustaining Ecosystems 3

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