Global Leadership Honors


The purpose of the Tiffin University Bachelor of Business Administration Global Leadership Honors major is to offer students a unique, honors-based program in one of the critical management arenas of the 21st Century. The program will have a business base with an interdisciplinary core curriculum and a required minor program to insure that students have both leadership and discipline skill sets sought by employers and graduate schools. The Global Leadership Honors major is seen by the School of Business as our first program to distinguish us from the offerings of most if not all other business programs. The emphasis on interview admission to the program and a required study-abroad or other country internship experience should provide our graduates a competitive advantage in both the workplace and graduate school admissions.

Main content areas within the discipline:

In addition to the Business Core program, Global Leadership majors will take three seminars-

  • Markets and Economies
  • Culture, Business and Markets
  • Professional Seminar

The Global Leadership program requires all majors to complete a minor program that develops a skill set or area of expertise beyond the generalized approach of the major itself. Majors must select a minor for a list of approved choices that reflect both the intent of the expertise requirement and the interests of the student. Some of the current areas include accounting, finance, green technology, intelligence analysis, and computer information technology.

Global Leadership majors must complete a study abroad experience. This experience can be met in one of the following ways:

  • A one semester overseas educational program in a non-English speaking country.
  • A four to six week internship program in a country outside of North America.
  • Completion with a minimum grade of B an intensive language program either inside or outside of the United States

We see the combination of the area of expertise and the study abroad experience combined with the Honors program approach as a value added undergraduate education which will be attractive to both corporate hiring programs and graduate business programs.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of cultural differences on the practices of multinational corporations.
  • Understand one's own cultural biases in the decision-making process for problems and situations encountered in other countries.
  • Show a professional level of oral and written communication in the preparation and presentation of required projects and papers.
  • Show an intermediate to advanced level of leadership practice through student, professional, and personal involvement in organizations and experiences.
  • Demonstrate initiative and critical thinking skills expected of entry level managerial position candidates.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the complexities associated with leadership in a global environment, the conditions under which it occurs, and approaches to leading in those in diverse settings.