Bachelor of Arts in Government & National Security (BA)

You Are The Next Generation

Our national security depends upon the creativity, energy, and skills of young people serving with federal, state, and local agencies and operating in our homeland at our borders and overseas. The next generation of diplomats, military officers, and analysts with the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and state and local offices will help define, detect, and defend againstthreats to our national security that emerge in coming years. Hiring at all levels of government reflects our urgent and continuing need for more and better-educated professionals to defend our nation and its interests.

Tiffin University has developed a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Government & National Security to help meet the growing and demanding needs of our governing agencies for motivated and well-educated graduates. Recruiters and other representatives from the CIA, FBI, Department of Defense, Department of State, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Marshals, among others, have come to TU to encourage our graduating seniors to apply for permanent positions with their agencies. They look to TU because they know our graduates have the kind of practical, real-world education necessary to meet the many security challenges in the coming years.

A Faculty With Real World Experience

Our Government & National Security program reflects the real world of national security because our faculty comes from that world. Our faculty has served in combat, in CIA stations, in military installations, with international organizations, in FBI field offices, with U.S. Marshals, and in the White House. They bring the real world of national security to our program through outside speakers, internships, and, most of all, through instruction every day in the classroom.

TU Makes It All Relevant!

You won’t be doing book reports. You’ll be doing written and oral briefings on both real and hypothetical security situations that require quick analysis and problem solving. You will learn using the same tools and methods that our national security agencies use for current employees. You will learn how everything taught in our classrooms applies in the real world.& TU makes it all relevant!

The first section of this major draws on those parts of a traditional curriculum that bear directly upon the workings of our governmental system in general, and our national security system in particular, at the federal, state, and local levels. 

The second section of this major focuses on the structure, elements, and history of our consideration and the six major instruments of national power –diplomacy, military, economy/commerce, law enforcement, covert action, and homeland security – used to protect and promote our national security. The curriculum also applies these elements to the issues of international security and globalization that our majors will face upon graduation.

Students obtaining the Government & National Security degree may choose between two concentrations: the Intelligence & Security Studies concentration and the Politics & Government concentration. The Intelligence & Security Studies concentration is designed for students contemplating jobs in the military, the intelligence community, or foreign affairs. The Politics & Government concentration is designed for students contemplating careers in law, in electoral politics, or in the broader public sector.

What You Can Expect From Your TU Government & National Security Degree:

  1. Graduates will be able to analyze, and devise solutions for, problems in national security within the framework of our instruments of national power and their use within our political/legal and policy context.
  2. Graduates will possess a detailed understanding of the history and culture of other parts of the world and how it affects national security.
  3. Graduates will understand the historical context for current international security threats that face the United States at home and abroad, and how the United States uses the tools of state power to protect the vital interests of America.
  4. Graduates will understand potential careers and work expectations in the field of national security.
  5. Graduates will exhibit critical multimodal communication skills.
  6. Graduates will exhibit the ability to write and think critically.


Your Government & National Security Curriculum

Core Courses: The Federal Structure and Federalism: How our Government Works

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
POL101 Introduction to the American Political Process 3
POL151 Intro To National Security Studies 3
POL201 Political Geography 3
POL311 Federalism 3

Major Courses: ;The Instruments of National Power: How National Security Works

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
POL345 Economic Instruments of Security Policy 3
POL350 International Security 3
POL491 Capstone Senior Seminar (w) 3
SCS300 Research Methods (w) 3
SCS470 Internship I 3
One of the following:
HIS225 US Diplomatic History since 1895 (w) 3
HIS226 US Military History since 1895 (w) 3

Concentration: (Two Choices)

- Intelligence & Security Studies Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
JUS215 Homeland Security and the Legal System 3
ENF154 Homeland Security Overview 3
ENF441 Counterintelligence/Counter-Terrorism 3
POL313 American National Security Policy 3
POL341 Covert Action and Intelligence 3
POL420 Transnational and Unconventional Threats 3
POL425 Intelligence Analysis 3

- Politics & Government Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
POL205 The Presidency (w) 3
POL206 The Congress 3
POL207 The Courts 3
POL320 Public Administration 3
POL391 Comparative Political Systems 3
POL400 The Constitution, Liberty, and Order 3

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