MBA Marketing Curriculum

Session 1

Information and Decision Support
Individual and Teamwork

Session 2

Financial Accounting
Marketing Management

Session 3

Managerial Accounting
Management of Human Resources

Session 4

Statistical Methods for Managers
Managerial Economics

Session 5

Business Research Analysis
Global and Transnational Management

Session 6

Marketing Information Systems
Legal and Ethical Issues

Session 7

Operations Management
Managerial Finance

Session 8

Global Marketing & Management
Strategic Management

Session 9

Strategic Brand Management
Marketing Field Analysis

MGT511 Individual and Teamwork
The focus of this class is on understanding individual behavior in organizations and on becoming a more successful team member. Problem solving through improved communication and effective management of individual and group processes is studied and practiced.

CIT514 Information and Decision Support
This course reviews basic information technology and systems, discusses the importance of data, information and knowledge man≠agement in organizations, the role these play in obtaining and maintaining competitive advantages, the use of e-commerce nation≠ally, internationally and globally and the impact of the digital divide on an increasingly global economy, the formation and appraisal of sound information systems, and issues of cyber crime and cyber ethics.

ACC510 Financial Accounting
This course will focus on the principles underlying the development and use of financial statements with emphasis on business applications.

MKT523 Marketing Management
This course examines the role of the marketing function of firms participating in both consumer and business markets, with emphasis on tactical and operating decisions and decision-making processes. Areas studied include market and customer analysis, market segmentation, and marketing mix tactics and implementation.

ACC512 Managerial Accounting
This course builds on the studentsí knowledge of accounting concepts. The focus is on evaluation and use of accounting data for internal planning, control, and decision-making.

MGT522 Management of Human Resources
The focus of this course is the human side of enterprise. The sub-functions of human resources management, diversity in the workplace, rights of the individual, and the various legal and ethical issues in the area are addressed.

MAT513 Statistical Methods for Managers
This course provides an in-depth coverage of descriptive and inferential statistics. Students learn how to interpret statistical analy≠sis and how to use statistical techniques in managerial problem solving.

ECO524 Managerial Economics
This course builds on basic concepts of microeconomics, and places an emphasis on the firmís use of limited information in an uncertain environment. A global perspective is stressed.

FIN612 Managerial Finance
Financial decision making addressing the structure of capital, its cost, availability, and selection, along with management of cash flows and distributions are the focus of this course.

MKT611 Business Research Analysis
This course focuses on research methods and tools used by decision makers in organizations. Topics to be covered will include: the scientific method, primary and secondary data, research design, reliability and validity, sampling frames, and applied statistics which are required to make organization decisions.  The student will analyze information generated for and by the organization.

MGT613 Operations Management
The management of operations in manufacturing and service sectors is the topic of this course. The course builds on a foundation laid by Decision Modeling for Managers. Operations Management and its relationships to the other managerial functions in the organization will also be covered.

MGT623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Management
The ethical and legal issues facing managers in the public and private sectors are the focus of this course. Current issues, regula≠tions, trade practices, and liability will be discussed.

MGT622 Strategic Management
This course brings together the entire curriculum of the MBA Program. It integrates the knowledge and skills gained in the pro≠gram into strategic problem-solving ability.

MGT614 Global and Transnational Management
This course deals with the management of multinational enterprises and managing in a global economy. Building on the interdisci≠plinary knowledge gained throughout the program, this course deals with cross-cultural issues, sociopolitical and economic con≠cerns, and international strategic management.

MKT525 Information Systems for Marketing
This course provides students with the key concepts and tools to turn raw data and information into useful marketing intelligence. Students will examine new and existing technologies for data mining and market information access to assist in strategic decision making. The course will provide an understanding of the role of integrated marketing communications in the overall marketing program and its contribution to marketing strategy.

MKT622 Strategic Brand Management
Course will address the strategic importance of branding and will focus on the design and implementation of marketing Programs and activities to build, measure, and manage brand equity. It addresses three important questions: (1) How do you build brand equity? (2) How can brand equity be measured? (3) How do you capitalize on brand equity to expand your business?

MKT628 Global Marketing Management
This course will focus on the application of marketing principles in the globalized markets of the 21st Century. The combination of global free-trade philosophies with local market conditions present an array of opportunities and concerns that need to be understood and managed throughout the world. The course will emphasize the global nature of these decisions and their impact on the management of products, services, brands and new market development.

MKT630 Marketing Field Analysis
The objective of this course is to develop analytical skills in the formulation and implementation of market driven strategies for selected products and/or services. Students will create a portfolio of their MBA Marketing activities in addition to any professional experience.