Master of Education Degree: Flexible & Practical

MEd - Educational Technology Management Concentration

This program will prepare students to provide leadership for transforming education at all levels through the use and implementation of technology.  When technology is applied educational learning processes, student learning is improved and accelerated. This program will prepare students to plan, manage, train, and integrate technology into educational settings. Graduates completing this program will be able to find positions in schools and other educational organizations implementing the adoption of technology and digital media to fulfill the educational objectives of the organization.

MEd - Higher Education Administration Concentration

This concentration is designed to prepare students for professional careers in a broad range of higher education settings. Graduates will be prepared for roles involved in student life, student enrollment, orientation, student academic advising, financial services, administration and management of academic programs, administration of sports programs, and campus security programs. The degree will also provide a solid foundation for future doctoral work in higher education.


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Important Note

This program is not designed to lead to licensure or a teaching certificate, and is designed for current teachers who would like to expand on their skills or begin a career in education with a deeper knowledge of the foundational principles of PreK–12 classroom instruction.