Master of Humanities Degree: Flexibility & Convenience

Tiffin University's Master of Humanities program invites students to explore creative and conceptual expressions of the human condition in all of its forms from antiquity to the present.  Students may choose a broad, interdisciplinary approach to the humanities or select concentrations in Art & Visual Media, Communication, Creative Writing, English, or Film Studies.  Students may also design their own concentration from among our regular course offerings through our Individualized Studies option.

The possibilities for individualized studies are as broad as our course offerings and a student's imagination.  While no degree by itself can guarantee either eligibility to teach or professional certification or licensure, our concentrations support those who wish to teach at the high school or community college levels while engaging the imagination of those who wish to grow in their knowledge of these fields.  Students are also given ample opportunity to develop their own creativity through creative writing courses in the novel, short story, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, and poetry. The Master of Humanities program welcomes students seeking to take an adventure of the mind that engages the most imaginative forms of human expression and their own intellectual and creative potentials.


Students who have more specific interests can focus on a specific concentration. Tiffin University's Humanities program has concentrations in three areas; Art & Visual Media, Communication, and English.  A concentration can be declared at any time during the program, as long as 18 hours of coursework are taken in the concentration area.

Art & Visual Media (ART)
Tiffin University's concentration in Art and Visual Media guides students through both the western tradition and contemporary film and graphics with courses such as Women in Art, Cult and Independent Film, and History of Photography.  The academic study of art and visual media at Tiffin University promotes visual literacy and gives students tools to interpret and evaluate visual media in all of its forms: websites, film, television, paintings, drawings, and sculpture. This concentration also supports those interested in teaching art at the high school or community college levels with courses such as Teaching College Art.

Communication (COM)
Tiffin University's concentration in Communication leads students through the history and practice of media, communication, and related technology from ancient times to the digital age.  Courses such as Philosophy of Communication, Politics and the News, Transmedia Storytelling, New Media, and Cybercultures and Issues in Cyberspace navigate students through the political, legal, and social ramifications of twenty-first century media practices.

Creative Writing (ENG)
Students in Tiffin University’s Creative Writing concentration can discover new talents in courses teaching them to write novels, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, screenplays, and young adult fiction.  Combining the academic study of creative prose, poetry, and performance writing with hands-on experience producing it, this program both deepens student understanding of the human creative process and expands their use of it.

English: Literature and Writing (ENG)
Reading and analyzing great literature is only one way the English concentration helps one explore what it means to be human.  Our Creative Writing courses, British History, Literary Theory, and Film/Cinema Studies add depth and variety to the literature courses, enabling the student to grow in many areas.

Film Studies (ART)
Tiffin University’s Film Studies concentration guides students through an in-depth exploration of significant film from the early days of Hollywood to contemporary world cinema in courses such as Cult and Independent Film, Classic Hollywood Cinema, World Cinema, and Documentary Film.  Our Film Censorship course examines social issues related to the dissemination of film, and students also have the opportunity to experience writing for film first hand with our Screenwriting course.

Individualized Studies

Tiffin University allows students in its Master of Humanities program to design their own courses of study through the Individualized Studies option.  We encourage you to survey our course offerings and see how you can put them together to form a unique program of study
tailored to your specific interests, professional goals, and personality.  Your first course in the program will ask you to consider this option as well as our concentrations and explain to you
how to pursue it.  If you have questions about the process now, please feel free to email them to the graduate school office.

Opportunities For MH Graduates

Tiffin University MH graduate students can find numerous opportunities for employment in a wide variety of fields, or increase their ability in their current fields.  Because of the personalized and individualized nature of the MH program, you can write your own ticket for success!