Master of Humanities - Art & Visual Media

The program already has several courses in art and related subjects. Combining art and visual media classes would open more avenues for students and still apply to art as a field.

Art and Visual Media would include studies in art, film/cinema, photography, and popular culture (television, etc.). ART623, Aesthetics, would be required for the concentration.


  • ART 515 Teaching College Art
  • ART 524 Creativity and Its Development
  • ART 525 History of Photography
  • ART 530 Cult and Independent Film
  • COM 532 Documentary Film
  • ART 561 Survey of Western Art
  • ART 592 Special Topics in Art
  • ART 624 Women in Art
  • ENG680 Capstone Project or ENG681 M.H. Comprehensive Exams