Master of Humanities - Creative Writing

Students in Tiffin University’s Creative Writing concentration can discover new talents in courses teaching them to write novels, short stories, poetry, creative non-fiction, screenplays, and young adult fiction. Combining the academic study of creative prose, poetry, and performance writing with hands-on experience producing it, this program both deepens student understanding of the human creative process and expands their use of it.

Interdisciplinary Core:

  • ART 623 Aesthetics
  • HUM 510 Introduction to Graduate Humanities
  • ENG 564 Literary Theory (pre-requisites ART 623 and HUM 510)

Creative Writing Electives:

  • ART 524 Creativity and its Development
  • ENG 515 Teaching College English
  • ENG 541 Creative Writing Short Story
  • ENG 542 Creative Writing Novel
  • ENG 543 Creative Writing Poetry
  • ENG 544 Creative Writing Genre Writing
  • ENG 545 Creative Writing Performance Writing
  • ART 524 Creative Writing and its Development
  • ENG 531 Studies in Genre Fiction
  • ENG 570 Ethnic Voices, Poetry
  • ENG 583 Poetics of Western Drama

Capstone or Exam Option

  • HUM 680 Capstone Project