Master of Humanities - English

A rationale for an English concentration is almost self-evident. Students have requested the concentration and many from this program have applied to adjunct positions in English only to be told that they need 18 hours or a degree or concentration in the field.

The Master of Humanities program offers a variety of English courses. The English concentration requires a core of 9 hours of ENG Survey in (American, British and World) Literature courses and 9 hours of ENG electives to meet the 18 hours of concentration requirements. *ENG 501 does not meet graduation requirements toward the MH/ENG degree.


English Concentration Core:

  • ENG 561 Survey of British Literature
  • ENG 562 Survey of American Literature
  • ENG 563 Survey of World Literature

English Electives:

  • ENG 515 Teaching College English
  • ENG 530 The Culture and Literature of Modernity
  • ENG 541 Creative Writing Short Story
  • ENG 542 Creative Writing Novel
  • ENG 543 Creative Writing Poetry
  • ENG 570 Ethnic Voices
  • ENG 583 Poetics of Western Drama
  • ENG680 Capstone Project or ENG681 M.H. Comprehensive Exams