Greek Organizations

Greek life at Tiffin University has increased in both the number of individuals who pledge and also in the number of organizations. There are currently three fraternities and three sororities, each adding their unique attributes, causes, and events to campus life. Each organization is required to participate in community service as well as host campus events and fundraisers, with many of these events becoming popular traditions at TU.

Greek Council

While the main purpose of Greek Council is to serve as the governing body over all Greek organizations, Greek Council has several other important purposes. Greek Council provides an open forum for all Greek members to discuss issues and help plan campus activities. Greek Council also promotes unity among all Greek members and organizations.


Phi Theta Pi
The Delta Beta Chapter of the Phi Theta Pi fraternity is a group of men concerned with international business and commerce as well as encouraging scholarship, loyalty, and cooperation among the members. The Phis believe that "fraternity life is not the enjoyment of special privileges but an opportunity to prepare for wide and wise human service." Traditional Phi events include the Super Bowl Party, OSU vs. Michigan party, Pool Tournaments, and work with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Omega Psi Rho
Omega Psi Rho believes that life is not merely about free spirit, but also about leadership, discipline, maturity and camaraderie among peers, school, and community. With its spirit and camaraderie, the Rhos have established several popular traditions including the Wing Eating Contest, 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and Slam Dunk Contest, Rho Dinners, and supporting Aids Awareness.

Theta Eta Omicron
Theta Eta Omicron focuses on the spirit of brotherhood while celebrating individuality as well as helping local charities. The fraternity stresses the importance of lasting friendships, academic achievements, and community interaction. The Omicrons host a Call of Duty tournament, Hydration Station, and work with several local charities.


Alpha Iota
Alpha Iota is an international business sorority that has chapters affiliated with leading schools and colleges across the United States. The sorority stresses the importance of scholarship, loyalty, and cooperation among all members. The Alphas are very focused on community service and have partnered with the American Red Cross to hold two blood drives during the academic year. Along with these blood drives, other traditional Alpha events are Bingo Nights and supporting Autism Awareness.

Gamma Chi Alpha
Gamma Chi Alpha sorority is a group of unified, independent, strong, and goal-oriented women striving to support all of its sisters, to enhance the quality of life within the community, and to partner to engage in spirited leading, learning, and lasting friendships. The core principles of this sorority are education, public service, and leadership development. Traditional Gamma events are Breast Cancer Awareness and the "Think Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness Gala, suicide prevention, and Adopt-A-Soldier.

Sigma Delta Sigma
Sigma Delta Sigma sorority is a local social sorority with strong ties to the community and was originally founded in 1987. The Deltas encourage individuality while still coming together as one unified sisterhood. Causes that the Deltas support include Depression Awareness and Take Back the Night.

Zeta Pi Beta
Zeta Pi Beta, the newest organization, focuses on acceptance, true sisterhood, female empowerment, and giving back. The Zetas host the Amazing Dragon Race and work with the Salvation Army.

“While Greek Life might not be for everyone, those who have joined do not regret it and have made a life-long connection with their brothers or sisters.”

            --Laura Green, Director of Student of Student Activities & Co-Curricular