History: An Extraordinary Gateway Into Who We Are


Tiffin Universityís History Major has been developed for the student interested in pursuing graduate studies in History or related fields.  Our History Education Major may serve as an anchor for individuals seeking to teach social studies at a two-year community college.  As a History Major, youíll have the opportunity to concentrate on your own selected areas of specialization.


History Curriculum


Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
ECO222 Principles of Microeconomics 3
HIS112 American Society Since 1865 (w) 3
*HIS211 Western Society to 1500 (w) 3
One of the following sequences:
*HIS312 History of Middle East (w) 3
*CUL312 Middle Eastern Cultures 3
*HIS313 History of East Asia (w) 3
*CUL313 East Asian Cultures 3
*HIS137 Civilizations of the World (w) 3
*CUL250 Cultural Geography 3
HIS320 Ohio History (w) 3
*HIS425 Historiography (w) 3
HIS Five Electives (w) 12
POL201 Political Geography 3
*POL391 Comparative Political Systems 3
*SAS499 Senior Seminar 3
SAS470 Internship 3
SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society (w) 3

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