SAAB Fall Forum/Spring Forum: “Let’s Talk about it”
“Let’s Talk About It,” is an event to provide an atmosphere where Tiffin University’s student body along with faculty, staff, and administration can discuss global issues, tackle tough questions about diversity and underrepresented communities.

Etiquette Dinner
The Student African American Brotherhood’s mission is to create a campus-wide atmosphere of brotherhood. Through our efforts, we want to prepare our brothers for the professional world. The etiquette dinner is an event to give the brothers the proper conduct when in attendance to professional affairs.

SAAB Jeopardy
SAAB Jeopardy is an event to bring cultural education to Tiffin University’s campus. At this event, members in attendance are able to win prizes!

SAAB Saturday
SAAB Saturday is an Off-campus event. The brothers take a trip to The University of Toledo and meet with other brothers from the greater Toledo region. SAAB Saturday is held to bring members together to discuss ideas, such as developing a professional manner and being effective in work and personal relationships. The presenters are SAAB members from the schools in the greater Toledo area. They promote a general or specific message and conduct an activity that allowed the brothers to understand the significance of ‘core values.’

SAAB National Conference
Very similar to SAAB Saturday, this event is in place to wrap up and congratulate the entire SAAB National community. Brothers from all SAAB organizations nationally and internationally come together and attend fireside sessions facilitated by professionals and motivational speakers.

Travyon Martin Day
This day, the SAAB brothers wear hoodie to commemorate the killing of Travyon Martin on February 26th, 2012.

Diversity Myxer
All student organizations that focus on issues and problems about diversity come together and host an event in the beginning of each year to help kick-start the diversity organizations. This event is a social event. It will host food, and relaxing music to give new and current students a chance to see other organizations purposes.

Organizations involved:
Student African American Brotherhood (S.A.A.B)
Black United Students (B.U.S)
Student African American Sisterhood of Excellence (S.A.A.S.E)
Voicing Our Insight Creating Empowerment (V.O.I.C.E)
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters (G.L.A.S.S.)
World Student Association (W.S.A.)
Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O)

Seminars on Various topics
The Student African American Brotherhood has an executive board of 15 members. President; Vice president; Secretary; Public Relations Chair and Co-Chair; Spirituality and social advisor Chair and Co-Chair; Service learning Chair and Co-Chair, Personal development leaders Chair and Co-Chair; Finical Advisor Chair and Co-Chair, Academic Advisor Chair and Co-Chair. Each member will host an event where we will facilitate an idea or topic that he feels passionate about.

SAAB Football Toss
The Student African American Brotherhood does a SAAB football toss as a fundraiser for the entire organization.

SAAB Soccer Kick
The Student African American Brotherhood does a SAAB soccer kick as a fundraiser for the entire organization.

SAAB Brotherly Dinner
Each month the brotherhood gets together and celebrates the brotherhood and social aspect. The brothers may attend an off campus restaurant or dine in a local housing arrangement and enjoy some good cooking! At this event, the brothers are able to have open discussions about any subject ranging from personal life to the direction of the organization. Games are generally provided as well.

Trip to an exhibit
In the past, The Student African American Brotherhood has taken trips two trips a year.  The organization will take one trip in the fall and one trip in the spring. The brotherhood has gone to The Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. They have also visited the Motown Museum in Detroit, Michigan.

MLK Day Events
In collaboration with the Office of Institutional Diversity, the Office of Student Affairs, other faculty, staff, administration and other diversity base organizations come together and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day as well as (February) Black History Month. These events generally include discussion forums, African dancers, Musicians, poetry, food, informational tables, trips to various exhibits, and much more!


“Saving Lives...Salvaging Dreams!”
“I am My Brothers Keeper… And Together we will rise!”