Diversity Strategic Plan 2009-2015

Goal One:       Create a University that is welcoming to diverse populations


  1. Conduct an annual diversity self-study and use the data to monitor changes in the institutional climate, with specific attention to underrepresented groups.
  2. Improve awareness of and support for services to individuals with disabilities
  3. Strive toward the creation of "significant mass" for underrepresented faculty and staff.     More specifically, administrators, vice presidents, deans, department chairs, executive directors, etc.
  4. Provide diversity awareness workshops for students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community leaders.


Goal Two:       Access and Equity – Recruitment and Retention


  1. Research and adopt programs informed by data to enhance graduation rates of underrepresented students.
  2. Take steps to support the career advancement of women and underrepresented faculty and staff.
  3. Research and consider adopting an annual staff review that includes plans for development and/or promotion either inside the current division or within the university as a whole.


Goal Three:     Organizational learning (internal & external)


  1. Review curricula to ensure that diversity courses accurately reflect domestic and global diversity issues.
  2. Organize a support system for faculty who teach diversity courses and/or faculty who wish to broaden their knowledge and skills of diversity-related pedagogy.
  3. Support research on diversity issues including preparation of research reports, publication of findings and presentation at conferences.
  4. Research and create an online informational center for the Office of Institutional Diversity for campus and community ongoing training.