YOU & TU – International Students

Tiffin University is proud to welcome International Students from all over the world. At TU, you’ll learn from professors with real-world experience who encourage personal and professional growth. All students are encouraged to join organizations and participate in student activities. International Students have the opportunity to represent their country by participating in the World Student Association, the International Dinner, and more. At Tiffin University, there are many opportunities to make your experience what you want it to be and we guarantee you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

Additional Questions?

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EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department‘s network of over 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students find the appropriate college or university in the United States.
World Education Group’s mission is to facilitate higher education on a global scale, empowering students and institutions all over the world to maximize their opportunities for international learning and intercultural experience