Meet Our Staff

Director of International Admissions
Name: Scott Saracusa
Phone: +1 419-448-3310
Skype: saracusa_tiffin
Hometown: Macedonia, Ohio
College Degrees:
Master of Business Administration, Tiffin University
B.B.A. in Sports & Recreation Management, Tiffin University
Favorite Travel Spot: Miami, Florida
Director of International Student Advising
Name: Rachel Crooks
Phone: +1 419-448-3369
Skype: rachel.crooks.tiffin
Hometown: Green Springs, Ohio
College Degrees:
Master of Humanities, Tiffin University
B.A. in Law & Society, Tiffin University
Favorite Travel Spot: Prague, Czech Republic
Graduate Assistant
Name: Callie Brutcher
Phone: +1 419-448-5133
Skype: callie.brutcher2
Hometown: Amherst, OH
College Degrees:
M.S.C.J. with concentration in Forensic Psychology, Tiffin University (currently pursuing)
B.A. in Psychology, Cleveland State University
Favorite Travel Spot: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Student Worker
Name: Prasanna Kumar Paturi
Phone: +1 419-448-3287
Hometown: Hyderbad, India
College Degrees:
Bachelor of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Pursuing M.B.A. in General Management and Finance
Favorite Travel Spot: Mauritius, Africa