Interested In Public Service? TUís Law & Society Offers Real Resources For Your Real Impact

If youíre considering a graduate career in law, sociology,philosophy, or political science, or if you are interested in preparing for social, public or governmental service, Tiffin Universityís Law and Society major could be your ticket to a career of public service.  In fact, many of our students go on to graduate school to earn law degrees.  With Law and Society, youíll have the real resources to make a real impact in the world around us.

Law and Society Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
*One of the following:
COM241 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM340 Law and Communications 3
*COM424 Theory & Practice of Persuasion 3
*PHI305 Applied Ethics 3
JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
*FOR105 Victimology (w) 3
*SCS300 Research Design (w) 3
*SAS499 Senior Seminar 3
*One of the following:
COM224 Argumentation Theory & Practice 3
COM230 Presentational Strategies 3
*One of the following:
*COM324 Communication Across Cultures 3
*COM344 Interpersonal Communication 3
*COM346 Small Group Communication 3
*One of the following:
PHI201 Art of Reasoning 3
PHI250 Symbolic Logic 3
*One of the following:
POL310 Public Policies 3
POL320 Public Administration 3
POL400 The Constitution, Liberty and Order 3
*One of the following:
JUS201 & JUS202 Criminal Law & Criminal Procedures 3 & 3
LAW211 & LAW212 Business Law I & Business Law II 3 & 3
*One of the following:
*PSY362 Abnormal Behavior 3
*FOR460 Psychology and Law 3
*Two of the following:
SOC250 Social Psychology 3
SOC320 Community Sociology 3
SOC380 Social Movements and Ideologies 3

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