Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a Tiffin University library card?

How do I find an journal article or database?

How do I find a book?

How do I request an item?

How can I check out an item? Renew an item? Return an item?

How can I check on the status of an item or see how many items I have checked out?

Are fines charged for overdue or lost items and how much are they?

How to Get a TU Library Card or TU Campus I.D.

Graduate Student please contact:

Graduate Admissions
Phone: 419-448-3401
Fax: 419-443-5002

Fast Track Student please contact:

Your Academic Center Director and ask about a library card.

Tiffin Campus Student please contact: 

 The Student Affairs Office is located in the Gillmor Building and can be reached at ext. 3264. Only Tiffin campus undergraduate students must register at the library after receiving an ID card in order to get their library barcode and activation.

How do I find a journal article or database?

Searching for Articles

Databases offer access to publications of recognized authority and scholarly research literature (such as peer-reviewed journals). Research databases provide lists of journal articles that give information according to subject in one search. Databases differ from Internet sites in content, organization, and appearance. We strongly recommend you begin your searches in a database first. If a desired journal article is not available full-text in the database, then use the Electronic Journal Center (EJC) on the OhioLINK home page.

Research Databases

Instructions on Research Databases

  • Explore OhioLINK Databases by subject, type, or name.
  • If you know your subject and want to search a single database in depth, go to OhioLINK Databases By Subject; then choose the subject category that best suits your topic.
  • If you know a specific database by its title, go to OhioLINK Databases By Name.
  • After making your selection, move the cursor to the right, and click the appropriate category.
  • Type a keyword term and search for articles.
  • Look for links to electronic full text. In most databases, the link Find a Copy looks for electronic full text in other sources, including other OhioLINK databases and library e-journal subscriptions. It also indicates whether your own library subscribes to the journal in print or electronically.
  • If you cannot find an article in any format, contact the Interlibrary Loan department of your library.
  • For to Research Databases go to

Electronic Journals

Instructions on Electronic Journal Center

  • The Electronic Journal Center (EJC) is a collection of full-text articles of more than 9,375 online research journals covering many subject areas in over 15,241,000 articles.
  • Explore Electronic Journal Center by a search.
  • Select Electronic Journal Center on the left side of the screen.
  • Move cursor to the center, select "search the EJC", and click.
  • Type a keyword term and we recommend you keep [any field] in the "which field box".
  • You must install Adobe® Acrobat® to print the PDF files.
  • For the Electronic Journal Center go to

Finding Articles

  • Select appropriate database
  • Search by subject
  • When full-text article is available, please print. Go to the Research Databases on
  • If an article is not full-text then go to the Electronic Journal Center
  • Browse by Journal title. Go to the Electronic Journals on
  • If desired article is not full-text print the abstract and submit to Fran Fleet,

How do I find a book?

Pfeiffer/ OPAL Library Catalog

  • Begin your search by using the "keyword searches".
  • Keyword searches allow you to search by author, title, and subject all in one search.
  • You may search by only author, only title, and only subject but this limits your search to one specific area. We recommend a limited search by author name or the title only when you have the information available before the initial search.
  • Use the online Library Catalog.

OhioLINK Catalog

To use the OhioLINK Catalog go to

How do I request an item?

PfeifferLibrary and OhioLINK

  • First check the Pfeiffer Library Catalog to see what books are available locally on your chosen subject or if a specific book is located here at Tiffin's library. 
  • If you do not find what you need, click on the link at the bottom of the page if you  are at the Pfeiffer Library Catalog or choose OhioLINK  from the list at the left side of the library's portion of the website.   You will be taken to the OhioLINK library catalog.
  • Choose the appropriate radio button from the row above the searach box, type in your request, and click on the searach button.  The results of your search will display on the next page.  Choose the item you want by clicking on the green request button.
  • You will be taken to an authentication page where you will be asked to select your institution from a drop down menu.  The next page will display your requested item as well as a place to type in your name (last name first) and your barcode from the back of your student ID card. A confirmation page will appear if your request is successful.  The pick-up location default is Tiffin University circulation desk but you may choose another delivery location closer to your home if you live off campus.
  • If for some reason your request is denied, please check with the Tiffin University Library and the staff will troubleshoot the problem.  It could be an expired card or a charge on your account.
  • It will take 2-3 business days for your items to arrive. We will notify you via email of their arrival.

How can I check out an item? Renew an item? Return an item?

Checkout, Returning, Renewing Books


  • To check a book out of Pfeiffer Library you must come to the circulation desk with your TU campus ID (which has your library baracode on the back.)
  • When checking out a requested book, go to the pick-up site (which is the Pfeiffer Library Circulation desk) with your TU campus ID.  All books are on loan for 3 weeks from the checkout date.

Returning Books:

  • Return books to any OPAL/OhioLINK location. An ID is not required for returning books.


  • A TU campus ID with a library barcode or TU library card is required for all renewals.
  • All books can be renewed once before returning them.
  • Book renewals can be done in person, over the phone, and by using the My Account tab on the Tiffin Univesity Card Catalog site.
  • You can check your account status any time by going to the OPAL screen, click on "My Account" and follow the instructions.

Hint: Please renew on the day the material is due for maximum length of time.

How can I check on the status of an item or see how many items I have checked out?

You can check the status of any item you have requested or an item you have checked out by going to the Tiffin University screen, click on “My Account” and follow the instructions.

Are fines charged for overdue or lost items and how much are they?

Library Fines

Patrons are responsible for returning books in the same condition they were checked out. There is a replacement cost for all lost and damaged books.

Videos: $.50 day/item
Reserve materials: $.50 hr/item
Books in Pfeiffer Library collection: $.25 day/book
Lost materials: charge will be replacement cost of material plus $10
processing fee (Books from OPAL or OhioLINK institutions: $.50 day/item)

(Lost materials: $100 plus $15 processing fee)