Management Courses

Management (MGT)

121 How Business Works (3 hours)
This introductory course is designed to acquaint the student with a broad variety of topics that are fundamental to the understanding of business.  These include the essentials of economics, finance, management, marketing, international business, strategy and ethics.  The study and discussion of current issues in each of these areas will be used to increase the students’ understanding.
Offered Fall, Spring

140 Survey of Healthcare Organizations and Terminology (3 hours)
This course includes an overview of the healthcare industry and the important concepts needed to manage in the healthcare field.  It also includes a comprehensive study of the basic structure of medical terminology that is necessary to work in healthcare. Spelling and pronunciation are emphasized as the student develops a professional vocabulary.
Offered through the online Associate Degree Program only

160 Introduction to Sports & Recreation Management (3 hours)
This course will give the students a fundamental understanding of the career avenues in sports and recreation. Industry specialists present an eclectic orientation of the sport and recreation field. Academic topics include industry definitions, evolution, curriculum components, experiential learning, career and internship opportunities, applied and theoretical research, leadership, governance, and ethics.
Prerequisite: ENG141   Offered Spring

175 Medical Management Systems (3 hours)
This course introduces the student to computerized medical office management software used in account management, file organization, scheduling, and overall practice management.
Offered through the online Associate Degree Program only

201 Management of Organizations (w)  (3 hours)
This course will provide an overview of the internal workings of an organization. It will survey the functional areas such as finance, marketing, operations, information and decision support systems, and human resources. The course will also examine the nature
of the managerial job. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisite: ENG141 and Sophomore standing  Offered Fall, Spring
221 Supply Chain Management  (3 hours)
This course is an overview of supply chain management and will briefly cover the topics of Procurement, Lean Organizations, Total Quality Management, Logistics and Materials Management.
Prerequisite: MGT201, MAT273   Offered Spring

240 Healthcare Office Management (3 hours)
This course applies management planning and controlling concepts for the students to learn how to evaluate and improve processes for the healthcare office environment. Topics include process selection and design, project implementation, capacity planning, and forecasting that are unique to healthcare. 
Prerequisite: MGT201  Offered through the online Associate Degree Program only

290 Special Topics in Healthcare (3 hours)
This course will address current topics in the healthcare field. The topics discussed in any term may change based on changes in the industry.
Prerequisite: None unless specified in the course schedule

291 Recreation and Sport Program Administration
This course emphasizes the history, philosophy, scope, and value of recreation administration. Working closely with municipal park and recreation department personnel, students explore the principles and techniques for effective leadership in the organization and operation of recreational sport programming in a variety of settings. Practical experience is available in supervising recreation programs at the YMCA, community parks, college intramurals, and local school systems. This course requires a minimum of ten hours of field experience.
Prerequisite: MGT160 Offered Spring

301 Organizational Behavior  (3 hours)
A study of the interface between the individual, the formal and the informal groups in organizational settings. Focus will be on individual growth, developing interpersonal skills, and understanding group dynamics.  Prerequisite: MGT201  Offered Fall, Spring
317 Human Resources Management (3 hours)
A study of the human resource function in business. Major areas of study will include staffing, recruitment, training and development, wage and salary administration, job analysis and evaluation, and labor relations.  Prerequisite: MGT301 Offered Fall, Spring

319 Labor Relations  (3 hours)
Studies policies applying to labor-management relations along with a history of unionization, current practices, and legal guidelines with emphasis on the negotiation process. 
Prerequisite: MGT301  Offered Spring
324 Logistics and Distribution (3 hours)
A study of the movement of material and information through the supply chain. Topics include Transportation, Storage, DRP, Warehouse selection and location, and Distribution. Possible textbook: Ballou, Ronald H. (2004). Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management (5th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall
Prerequisites: MKT 151, MAT 273, and MGT 221.
325 Facilities Design & Management (3 hours)
Provides dynamic models and options for planning, maintaining, and managing sport & entertainment facilities in the present and future. Concentration is on the design, maintenance, and full utilization of facilities that are realistic, cost efficient, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Topics include design, construction, refurbishing, finance options, risk assessment, risk management, security, operations, and procedures.
Prerequisites: LAW211, MGT201 Offered Fall
351 Managing Diversity in the Workplace (w)  (3 hours)
In the context of the growth of multinational enterprises and the increasing diversity of the American workforce, this course deals with gender, racial, age, cultural, and other differences in the workplace. The course will focus on being open, sensitive, and fair in dealing with differences and on using diversity as a positive force within organizations. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisite: MGT201   Offered Fall
356 Quality Management (3 hours)
A study of Quality Management principles and philosophy including the ideas of Deming, Juran and Crosby, employee involvement, Kaizen, Statistical Process Control, and Six Sigma. Possible textbooks: Oakland, J. and Morris, P (2002). TQM, A pictorial guide for managers. Woburn, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann. And, Pande, et. al. (2000). The Six Sigma Way. New York: McGraw Hill.
MGT 221 and MAT 273. Offered Spring
359 Small Business Management  (3 hours)
A study and analysis of the problems of operating a small business. Additionally, a discussion of the how’s, what’s and why’s an individual would consider in developing their own business. All areas of managing an entrepreneurial operation will be covered such as marketing, finance and financial controls, government regulations and strategic planning.
: MGT201 and Junior standing   Offered Spring
360 Business of Sport (w) (3 hours)
Course covers topics relating to league structures, the management of sporting clubs, branding and pricing, sponsorship, media contracting, financial valuation and facilities development in a variety of sport settings. The primary method of instruction is case development and analysis. This is a writing intensive course.
Prerequisites: MGT160, ACC201 Offered Fall
367 Advanced Topics in Human Resources Management  (3 hours)
This course builds on topics introduced in MGT317 Human Resources Management.  Further study of important issues in human resources will be undertaken, including: Compensation and Incentive Systems, Benefits, Human Resource Development, Occupational Health and Safety, and Workforce Planning.
Prerequisite: MGT317   Offered Fall
390 Special Topics  (3 hours)
Course is designed to meet the evolving needs and interests of the students and the field of management.  Prerequisite: None, unless listed in the schedule of courses
404 Organization Theory  (3 hours)
An overview of organizations drawing upon the concepts of social and cultural anthropology, political science, strategic manage­ment, and organizational behavior. Topics covered will include organizational types, structure and design, culture, power and con­flict, and environmental relationships.  
: MGT301  Offered Spring
411 International Management (3 hours)
This course focuses on business across national boundaries. Topics covered include functional areas of management in MNES, impact of policy, society, economy, and geography on the international business environment and global strategic management.
: MGT301   Offered Fall

422 Materials Management and Procurement (3 hours)
Studying the requirements for managing the flow of materials in various processes to include planning and inventory control. The nature of the procurement function in organizations, including Supplier Relations, Supplier Selection, Issuing of Contracts, Contract Law as it relates to Procurement, Long-Term Partnering, and Make versus Buy decisions. Possible textbooks: Monczka, Trent and Handfield. (2005). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (3rd Ed.). Mason, Ohio: Thompson Southwestern.
Prerequisites: MAT 273, LAW 211, and MGT 221. Offered Fall
455 Lean Organizations (3 hours)

The application of just-in-time principles throughout the supply chain, including how to define and eliminate waste; the utilization of information in lieu of inventory; Pull versus Push systems; Kanban signaling and material coordination; and an in-depth look at the Toyota Production System. Possible textbooks: Srinivasan, M. (2004). 14 Principles for Building and Managing the Lean Supply Chain. Cengage Learning. And Liker, J. (2004). the Toyota Way. New York: McGraw-Hill.
Prerequisites: MGT 221. Offered Srpring. This course is upgraded from MGT 355 Lean Organizations.
470 Internship  (3 hours)
Provides the student with on-the-job experience in Supply Chain Management. Hours and work assignments will be arranged on an individual basis. Prerequisites: Permission of one Department Chair and completion of a minimum of two of the core SCM courses. The internship replaces MGT 461 SCM Seminar.

475 Internship and Professional Development Seminar (3 hours)

Students majoring in Sports and Recreation Management or Hospitality and Tourism will be required to gain a minimum of 200 hours of volunteer or paid practicum experience related to their chosen field. Hours may be accumulated from May 15 during the summer preceding the class. In addition, the course will cover such elements as interviewing, dining etiquette, and business career information.
Prerequisite: Senior Status   Offered Fall
495 Organizational Strategy (w) (3 hours)
An advanced course designed to integrate the functional concepts and techniques from the foundation courses in the curriculum. It provides the student with a thorough appreciation of the role of the general manager, with emphasis on strategy formulation and implementation. This is a writing intensive course.  Prerequisite: Enrollment in a Business major, FIN301 and 96 or more credits   Offered Fall, Spring