Equine Management

The Tiffin University Equine Business Management Concentration brings the real world to you offering opportunities to become part of the dynamic growth of this challenging and exciting career. The objective of the Equine Business Management concentration is for students to acquire skills that will make them more marketable to the horse industry. 

Students will learn the fundamentals and practices of equine health and operations management.  Students will be able to communicate with veterinarians, horse specialists, and horse owners about the issues related to managing in the industry such as record keeping, veterinary care, and facilities maintenance. The managerial skills students acquire will make them more marketable in industries related to the horse business.

About Your Major:

Tiffin University's Equine Management program is a unique curriculum combining business management tools and techniques with training in equine science. Because the horse industry has many considerations that may not be common to other small businesses, we have created a curriculum that covers the important business knowledge managers and owners need in marketing, management, accounting, and finance. 

Academic Requirements For Your Degree

To earn your Bachelor of Business Administration degree  Equine Business Management Concentration, you must fulfill the academic requirements for graduation by completing courses in the following areas:

  • Knowledge Skills and Liberal Education Core of 49 hours
  • School of Business Core Curriculum of 18 hours
  • Academic Major Requirement of 30 hours
  • Open Electives/Minor of 24 hours
  • Total Semester hours for the Degree 121 hours
  • School of Business Core Curriculum

Business Core

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
MKT151 Introductory Marketing 3
ACC201 Survey of Accounting 3
LAW211 Business Law I 3
ECO222 Principles of Microeconomics 3
FIN301 Business Finance 3
*MGT495 Organizational Strategy (w) 3

Management Core 

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
*ACC228 Managerial Accounting 3
*CIT312 Information Systems for Managers (w) 3
*MGT301 Organizational Behavior 3

Equine Concentration

Equine Concentration

Course Number Course Title Credit Hour
EQM254 Equine Functional Anatomy 3
EQM257 Equine Nutrition 3
EQM348 Equine Reproduction 3
Small Business Management 3
MGT360 Business of Sport 3
EQM412 Management of the Equine Environment 3
MGT470 Internship 3