Bachelor of Business Administration

Don’t talk at people. Communicate with them. Not only listen to them, hear what they are saying. Find out what motivates buyer behavior, what creates value and how to create a message that makes your product or service so useful, anyone will pay for it. With classes that focus on marketing communication, retailing management and buyer behavior, our grads have tackled the world in fields like advertising, public relations, brand and product management and eCommerce. 

The Marketing Club

Marketing Majors are encouraged to join the Marketing Club. The purpose of the club is two-fold: to provide you with an understanding of real-world business and marketing and to build your resume with a portfolio of demonstrated expertise to show potential employers.

What You Can Expect To Achieve With Your Marketing Major

Most TU marketing graduates go to work in marketing or a related field after completing their degrees. Some go to graduate school right after finishing their undergraduate degrees and many more go back to graduate school after gaining some practical experience. Because of TU’s dedication to “making it real,” you’ll have the chance to experience real engagement and real immersion in the field before you graduate, giving you a jump start on your career.

Other Student Opportunities In Business & Related Fields

Below are just a few examples of the variety of real opportunities you’ll have as a TU student to make connections outside of the classroom.  These clubs and organizations will provide you with real advantages and real resources.

Delta Mu Delta - The Iota Epsilon chapter of Delta Mu Delta is located at Tiffin University.  This is a national honor society for business.

Circle K - Circle K International is a collegiate service organization with a worldwide membership that promotes fellowship, leadership, and service.

Student Government - TU’s Student Government is primarily involved in organizing the campus programming, social activities and serving as the voice and advocate for students concerning campus matters.

World Student Association (W.S.A.) - The W.S.A. is concerned with helping to foster cultural growth and diversity on our campus, and providing awareness of international student concerns within the community at large.

Also available to TU students are activities of all kinds, events, and academic and other special interest organizations that include: Delta Sigma Kappa Honorary Society, Communication Club, TU TIMES (TU’s School Newspaper) and Greek Organizations, among others.

Core Curriculum of the School of Business 18 hours
Marketing Major 30 hours

  • ACC228 Managerial Accounting
  • MGT301 Organizational Behavior
  • MKT252 Buyer Behavior
  • MKT253 Marketing Communications
  • MKT350 Retailing Management
  • MKT354 Personal Selling
  • MKT357 Business Marketing
  • MKT402 Marketing Research
  • MKT404 Global Marketing
  • MKT470 Marketing Internship

Total BBA hours 121


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

Online - Offered in two 7-week terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

On Campus - Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of August and January

There are no related concentrations available

Buyer Behavior (MKT252) - This course introduces the basic processes of and influences upon decision-making by both individual consumers and organizational buyers, as well as the implications of such information toward the development of marketing strategies.

Marketing Communications (MKT253) - This course deals with operation and management of the advertising and promotion function with respect to both its positions within the marketing system and its relationship to the other business functions.

Retailing Management (MKT350) - This course includes discussions of retailing functions and management of retailing as a system. Emphasis is on understanding the external environment of retailing and on the creation of an appropriate internal environment.

Personal Selling (MKT354) - Personal Selling focuses on customers as individuals rather than target market groups. To do this, the student salesperson will learn to tailor sales call approaches and presentations, negotiation strategies, and service provisions to a specific person and organization. Given the independent nature of professional sales positions, the course also examines motivation, time management, and ethical issues.

Global Marketing (MKT404) - This course examines the increasingly global nature of marketing management and addresses the issues involved when organizations expand into the arena of international competition. Particular attention is paid to the differences between cultures and the importance of sensitivity to them.

  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Brand and Product Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Graduate School
  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Research
  • Media Buyer
  • Press Secretary
  • Professional Sales Management
  • Atlas Sales
  • Holiday Inn
  • JHI
  • L-Brands
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation


Perry Haan, D.B.A.
Perry Haan, D.B.A. Professor of Marketing
Nancy J. Sullivan
Nancy J. Sullivan Associate Professor of Marketing
 Kellie C. McGilvray, Ph.D.
Kellie C. McGilvray, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing
Danielle Foster, Ed.D.
Danielle Foster, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Marketing


  • "Tiffin is a small and very safe town. It is closely located to three international airports. People who live in this town are very friendly and open-minded to other cultures. As an international student, Tiffin University has been a good decision for me.”

    - Omar Alfehri, Saudi Arabia

  • "I chose Tiffin University because I heard so many great things about it from other students. Now that I am here, I am very happy. TU has numerous resources on campus, such as the Pfeiffer Library and Student Success Center. These places offer assistance for all of my academic needs."

         - Ali Alshehri, Saudi Arabia

  • "What I love about Tiffin University is the fact that I am learning about real-life experiences inside the classroom. Once I graduate, I know I will be prepared for a career in my field. I am thankful for the support I have received from my professors and classmates."

    - Hasan Abdul Elah, UAE

  • "TU wasn’t just the place I went to get my degree. It was the place I grew up and I am forever thankful for my Dragon family. It’s always a great day to be a Dragon.”

    – Allison Marie Staunton, Class of 2016

  • "I chose Tiffin because it is a university with people from all parts of the world, and the fact I could be here and meet all of them is simply amazing. Better yet, I came here for swimming and it was an honor for me to be a part of TU’s newest athletic program.”

    - Ygor Bortolato, Brazil

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