Marketing Course


Marketing (MKT)

151 Introductory Marketing  (3 hours)
This course exposes the student to the vocabulary of marketing and introduces many of the major principles and theories of the discipline. The focus of the course is on marketingís relationship to the other business functions and on marketing function man≠agement as opposed to day-to-day marketing operations.  
Offered Fall, Spring
252 Buyer Behavior  (3 hours)
This course introduces the basic processes of and influences upon decision-making by both individual consumers and organizational buyers, as well as the implications of such information toward the development of marketing strategies.
Prerequisite: MKT151  Offered Fall
253 Marketing Communications  (3 hours)
This course deals with operation and management of the advertising and promotion function with respect to both its positions within the marketing system and its relationship to the other business functions.  Prerequisite: MKTI51  Offered Spring
350 Retailing Management  (3 hours)
This course includes discussions of retailing functions and management of retailing as a system. Emphasis is on understanding the external environment of retailing and on the creation of an appropriate internal environment.
Prerequisite: MKT252 or MKT253  Offered Fall
353 Marketing Research  (3 hours)
This course provides a study of marketing function information needs as well as an understanding of operating and managing the research process. This research process and its integral parts are studied in detail from the perspectives of providing actionable results and marketing controls.   
: MKTI51, MAT273   Offered Fall
354 Personal Selling  (3 hours)
Personal Selling focuses on customers as individuals rather than target market groups. To do this, the student salesperson will learn to tailor sales call approaches and presentations, negotiation strategies, and service provisions tailored to that specific person and organization. Given the independent nature of professional sales positions, the course also examines motivation, time management, and ethical issues.
Prerequisite: MKTI51  Offered Fall
357 Business Marketing  (3 hours)
Focusing on function management rather than function operation, this course explores in detail the nature of business-to-business markets and the differences in industrial buyer behavior and the marketing mix from that encountered in consumer markets.
: MKT253 or MKT350   Offered Spring
364 Event Marketing and Management (3 hours)
Examines the practices for scheduling, planning, organizing, promoting, and supervising commercial and private events. Business planning is emphasized as students are familiarized with theories, terminology, and logistics for marketing, promotions, management, decision making, and analyses of customer behavior. This course emphasizes the creation and implementation of core documents to present to prospective investors, clients, and employees.
Prerequisites: MKTI51, MGT201and Junior standing  Offered Spring
390 Special Topics  (3 hours)
This course, which is offered when dictated by demand, deals with a variety of special interest marketing topics. Examples of such areas are services marketing, marketing for nonprofit organizations, and marketing research consulting.
Prerequisite: None, unless specified in course schedule

404 Global Marketing  (3 hours)
This course examines the increasingly global nature of marketing management and addresses the issues involved when organiza≠tions expand into the arena of international competition. Particular attention is paid to the differences between cultures and the importance of sensitivity to them. 
Prerequisites: MKTI51, MKT353   Offered Spring
470 Internship  (3 hours)
Under faculty member guidance and reporting to an agent of a selected firm the individual student works in some aspect of the marketing field: e.g., retail or wholesale sales, advertising and promotion or distribution. This real-world work experience con≠tributes directly and substantially to the studentís major area of marketing interest. Work assignments are arranged on an individ≠ual student/company basis.
Prerequisite: Permission of Department Chair