Enrollment at Tiffin University surpasses 2,700 students

TIFFIN UNIVERSITY, TIFFIN, OH—The total enrollment for Tiffin University for the 2008 fall semester is 2,705 students, which is a 15.2 percent increase over the total of 2,349 enrolled in the fall of 2007. Compared with the 1,500 students enrolled in the fall of 2003, this year’s enrollment represents a five-year increase of 80.3 percent.

According to Tiffin University President Paul Marion, “The record enrollments in each of the past five years reflect the positive reputation that Tiffin University has achieved for providing a high quality educational experience. We are excited about the future of this wonderful university and are committed to providing real connections and real results for our students.”

Of the 2,705 students who are enrolled, 864 are in master’s degree programs, 495 are in Fast Track bachelor’s degree completion programs, 1,149 are in bachelor’s degree programs, 103 are in associate’s degree programs, and 94 are non-degree-seeking students. With four master’s degree programs being offered, graduate students now make up almost one-third of the student body.